Zack Snyder Reveals The Video Game Movie He Wants To Make (But Creator Has One Condition)



  • Director Zack Snyder is interested in making a Gears of War movie, but the original creator would only agree if Dave Bautista plays the central character, Marcus.
  • Netflix, who already has a good working relationship with Snyder, may give him control of the Gears of War project.
  • This potential project could have implications for Snyder’s planned Army of the Dead sequel, though, as Netflix may prioritize the Gears of War movie over it.

Director Zack Snyder has revealed his interest in making a Gears of War movie, but the original creator has one condition. Based on the best-selling Gears of War videogame franchise that began with the original 2006 game, plans for a live-action adaptation of the property had begun as early as 2007 when New Line Cinema were the first to buy the film rights. After passing through multiple hands, Netflix became the latest to set their sights on turning the games into a movie, announcing that Dune screenwriter Jon Spaihts would be writing the script earlier this year.

During a recent interview with IGN, Snyder revealed his potential interest in helming either a Gears of War or Halo movie, though the latter has already had a Paramount+ television series adaptation. On hearing this news, the original Gears of War game creator Cliff Bleszinski took to Twitter to voice his approval, but only on the condition that Dave Bautista play the central character Marcus.

Thankfully, it would not take much to convince Bautista to take up the role, having already quite vocal in his interest in helming the movie. Check out Synder’s original comments below:

Well, there are a lot. I mean, we’ve talked about a bunch of… You know, Gears has always come up, sort of in our sort of circle. So, I was a fan of the game, so, off the top of my head, that one. I was [also] always interested in the Halo franchise… They of course kind of made that, but it was something I always thought could be incredible.

Why Zack Snyder’s Chances Of Making Gears Of War Are High

Dave Bautista in Army of the Dead

Off the back of these most recent comments, it seems only a matter of time before Netflix look to put Snyder in charge of their Gears of War project. Having previously signed an exclusive first-look deal with the streaming giant, the Rebel Moon director has been quite effusive in his praise of his dealings with Netflix, whom he believes offers him a good deal of creative freedom as a filmmaker.

With Netflix already set to launch Snyder’s two-part Star Wars inspired Rebel Moon, as well as looking to have him return for a sequel to his burgeoning Army of the Dead franchise, the streamer clearly has a great deal of faith in his abilities. Moreover, with Snyder already having established a good working rapport with Bautista, he would be a natural choice to direct the former WWE and Guardians of the Galaxy star as the potential lead.

Yet, if Netflix do end up giving Snyder control of Gears of War, it may have some potential knock-on effects for his planned Army of the Dead sequel, Planet of the Dead. Back in 2021 Snyder revealed that project would be his next priority after the release of Rebel Moon, but Netflix may be more interested in seeing Gears of War put to the top of his to-do list. Either way, with both a director and potential lead already petitioning to work on the film, it would seem Netflix will have a much easier time bringing to project to fruition than the earlier attempts of other studios.

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