V/H/S 85 Trailer Reveals New Horror Stories From Black Phone & Hellraiser 2022 Directors




  • V/H/S/85 will continue the found-footage horror franchise by exploring the disturbing content on a VHS tape, with a focus on the 80s era.
  • The teaser trailer for the upcoming sequel suggests a horrifying mix of psychedelic video games, gun violence, and blood.
  • With multiple talented directors involved, including Scott Derrickson and David Bruckner, V/H/S/85 has the potential to gain a big following and deliver creatively within the series.


A new trailer for V/H/S/85 hints at new horror stories to come. Originating in 2012, V/H/S is a found-footage horror franchise focusing on the discovery of overly disturbing horror content on a VHS tape. V/H/S has since received four follow-up movies, including V/H/S/2, V/H/S Viral, V/H/S/94, and last year’s V/H/S/99.

The first teaser trailer for V/H/S/85 has been released by Shudder. Check out the trailer below:

Opening with the placidity of an 80s-era home video, the trailer quickly devolves from a psychedelic video game into a horrific landscape of gun violence and blood. V/H/S/85 will be released on Shudder on October 6.

What To Expect From V/H/S/85

A woman screams in a distorted image from the VHS series

Like its two predecessors, V/H/S/94 and V/H/S/99, the upcoming sequel looks to be a horror-infused time capsule. While all the V/H/S installments use deranged home videos as their vehicle for terror, these recent V/H/S movies focus the found footage on a particular historical period in a videotape. In the case of V/H/S/85, the time period is witnessed in the trailer through big glasses, geometric and bright video games, and characteristically 80s outfits. This glam quickly gets disrupted by snippets of horrific violence.

Similarly to other entries in the franchise, V/H/S/85 has multiple directors who will direct the different VHS tape horror segments. Among its five directors include The Black Phone director Scott Derrickson and Hellraiser (2022) director David Bruckner, who was also a director on the original V/H/S back in 2012. With both Hellraiser and The Black Phone reaching a decent horror fan base, V/H/S/85 stands a decent chance to gain a good-sized following, as well as succeed creatively as it is in the hands of several renowned and skilled talents.

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V/H/S/85 will go the furthest back in time ever in the series. This is an exciting chance for V/H/S/85 to attempt visual styles and themes that the 90s and 2000s-based V/H/S entries did not. If the teaser trailer is any indication, V/H/S/85 will seize this opportunity.


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