“The Wicker Man: 50th Anniversary 4K Screening & Home Release Celebration”


Fans of classic films and unique musicals have an exciting date to mark on their calendars: June 21st. On this day, Studiocanal UK will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Wicker Man by screening the movie in stunning 4K quality for one night only on the big screen.

While this special event is exclusively for UK residents, there is good news for those outside the UK, as the film will also receive a 4K UHD makeover for at-home viewing. Let’s delve into the details of this iconic horror film and its enduring legacy.

Unveiling the Plot:The Wicker Man is a captivating blend of horror, paganism, and music that immerses viewers in a tale of a police officer caught in a web of mystery. When Sergeant Neil Howie (Edward Woodward) learns of a young woman’s disappearance from the secluded Scottish island of Summerisle, he embarks on an investigation that exposes him to the shocking and repugnant pagan practices of the island’s inhabitants.

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The film features brilliant performances by Christopher Lee as the island’s enigmatic leader and Britt Ekland as the seductive innkeeper’s daughter, alongside Ingrid Pitt, Diane Cilento, Ian Campbell, and Lindsay Kemp.

"The Wicker Man: 50th Anniversary 4K Screening & Home Release Celebration"

A Horror Decade to Remember:The Wicker Man emerged during a remarkable decade for horror cinema, preceding renowned titles such as The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Tenant, Halloween, Alien, Dawn of the Dead, Jaws, The Omen, Eraserhead, Carrie, The Hills Have Eyes, and Suspiria.

Its impact on the genre continues to resonate, and its dedicated cult following has grown, with recent news of a potential TV adaptation backed by Andy Serkis’ production company.

The Cage Controversy:It is impossible to discuss The Wicker Man without mentioning Nicolas Cage’s notorious 2006 remake. While the film has achieved cult status for its memorable scenes, including the infamous “not the bees!” moment, its underlying anti-feminist stance and other factors may have contributed to its underwhelming performance at the box office. While Cage’s version may not be receiving a 4K theatrical release anytime soon, fans in the UK have the opportunity to experience the original film like never before.

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As the 50th anniversary of The Wicker Man approaches, fans are eagerly anticipating the exclusive 4K screening event in the UK, celebrating the enduring legacy of this timeless classic.

For those unable to attend, the upcoming 4K UHD home release promises to offer an equally captivating viewing experience. Whether you are a longtime fan or new to the world of The Wicker Man, this is an opportunity not to be missed.

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