“The Purge 6 Faces Production Delay Due to Budget Concerns and Ambitious Vision”


James DeMonaco, the creator of The Purge franchise, has shed light on why the sixth film has yet to start production despite having a complete script.

Universal Studios holds the final decision, and concerns about the film’s budget have put it in limbo.

DeMonaco expressed his desire to make the sixth installment bigger and more epic, presenting a new vision of a divided America and bringing back Frank Grillo’s character.

The film aims to showcase a fractured nation, where people are divided by ideology and sexual preference.

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While Universal has not confirmed plans for another Purge film, the franchise has gained a devoted fanbase through its exploration of a dystopian future where crime is legalized for one night annually.

The upcoming installment is expected to offer a unique take while retaining the familiar elements of the series. The release date for The Purge 6 is currently unknown.

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