“The Princess Diaries 3: Royal Reign Continues with New Surprises”


The Princess Diaries” is widely regarded as one of Disney’s timeless classics in the realm of live-action movies. Its first installment, released in 2001, achieved tremendous success and played a pivotal role in launching the careers of notable stars like Anne Hathaway and Mandy Moore.

The sequel, which hit theaters in 2004, garnered equal acclaim and popularity. Fans have been eagerly anticipating a third installment to continue the beloved story, and last year, Disney finally confirmed its development. However, there have been rumors that the sequel may not feature the original cast, despite Hathaway expressing her desire to reprise her role as Amelia Mignonette Thermopólis Renaldi, Queen of Genovia.

Hathaway has made it clear that she would only return if her co-star Julie Andrews, who portrayed the iconic Queen Clarisse, also joins the project. Unfortunately, Andrews has not been particularly supportive of the idea of a continuation. On the other hand, Sandra Oh, who played the character Gupta, the Vice Principal of Mia’s school, has shown willingness to return to the franchise.

Oh, a Golden Globe winner, expressed her enthusiasm when approached by Entertainment Weekly about “The Princess Diaries 3,” stating, “I am ready for the Queen. Call me! I’m dying to see how Gupta has moved up in the world.”

"The Princess Diaries 3: Royal Reign Continues with New Surprises"

In the first film, Mia is an ordinary girl whose life is turned upside down by the sudden presence of her grandmother. It is revealed that Mia is the heir to the throne of Genovia, and her grandmother intends to prepare her for the responsibilities that come with that position. Initially resistant, Mia eventually embraces her destiny. The second installment follows Mia’s preparations in Genovia for her future role as queen, which includes finding a husband as per the country’s laws. However, she falls in love with Nicholas (played by Chris Pine), another potential heir, creating a romantic complication. Eventually, Nicholas relinquishes his claim to the throne, and the law is amended so that Mia can ascend without a husband.

“The Princess Diaries 3” could continue Mia’s story as the queen of Genovia, possibly exploring her reign alongside Nicholas, on her own, or with a new partner. Another possibility is to focus on the queen preparing her son or daughter as the future heir. In the event that Hathaway does not return, the film might take on a more reboot-like approach, featuring a new protagonist experiencing a story similar to Mia’s.

It is worth noting that Disney is also currently working on another highly anticipated sequel to one of its popular live-action movies, “Freaky Friday,” with Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis set to reprise their roles as the main stars.


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