The ‘Lilo & Stich’ Live-Action Has Found Its Nani


It seems that the new live-action Lilo & Stitch has found its Nani! According to The Hollywood Reporter, Nani will be played by Sydney Elizebeth Agudong in the upcoming film starring opposite Maia Kealoha, who joined the cast back in March alongside Zach Galifianakis and Billy Magnussen. As of right now, Stitch will be a CGI creation but the movie, that is beloved among Disney fans, is getting a live-action adaptation and the cast is shaping up to be a pretty amazing one.

There isn’t much about this adaptation that we know right now but the original movie is beloved for a reason. Telling the story of Lilo and Nani living in Hawaii as they’re trying to navigate their new life together after the death of their parents, they’re suddenly questioning everything when Experiment 626 crash lands on earth and becomes the dog of Lilo’s choice. Naming him Stitch, he’s coming to terms with breaking his habits.


But what makes the movie such a classic comes from the themes of family throughout the movie. Nani and Lilo are trying to grieve while coping with their new living situations and the chaos that Stitch is unleashing in their home because that’s what he is designed to do. Pair that with songs, Lilo’s love of Elvis Presley, and a movie about finding those who love you, and it’s no surprise why Lilo & Stitch is as beloved as it is.

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Who Is Behind Lilo & Stitch?

Directed by Dean Fleischer Camp and with Galifianakis in an unknown role, the movie is still just a bit up in the air. But fans of the original will probably have those same emotions because that’s the power of Lilo & Stitch. Fleischer Camp is known for directing Marcel the Shell with Shoes On that featured Jenny Slate as Marcel and the film itself broke hearts with the adorableness of Marcel mixed with the stop-motion animation used for the film. But you know who is also adorable and chaotic? Stitch.

It’s a great fit and both Agudong and Kealoha look perfect for the roles of Nani and Lilo. Nani is supposed to be older than Lilo and old enough to be her legal guardian but, in the movie, she is still trying to figure out her own life as a young 20-something, and she’s not great at navigating her new responsibilities with wanting to be there for her sister. Hopefully, that’s still an important part of this live-action remake. And until we know more, the movie is shaping up to be a great cast, and we can’t wait to see what they do with Stitch.

While we wait for more information, check out our interview with Magnussen below:

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