The Best DC Comic Adaptations, Ranked


DC Comics is home to some of the most iconic superheroes of all time. Each superhero and villain holds a distinctive set of skills and a troubled past that makes the characters’ arc within the DC universe more interesting. Over the years, multiple superheroes have made appearances on the big screen in the forms of animation and live-action on TV and movies, capturing the hearts and minds of fans around the world.

Here are the ten best DC comic superhero and villain adaptations in the DC Universe and the DC Extended Universe, ranked.



10 Teen Titans (2003)

The Best DC Comic Adaptations, Ranked
Cartoon Network

The DC animation series has gained renown for producing awe-inspiring animated shows over time. Teen Titans was one of the most popular animated series of its time and is loved by fans to this day. The show takes look into the squad of youthful superheroes endowed with extraordinary abilities. The plot is adapted from Marv Wolfman and George Perez’s comic books, featuring five main teenage superheroes: Robin as the leader of the group alongside Starfire, Raven, Beast Boy, and Cyborg—all bringing unique strengths to the group dynamic.

The show offers a refreshing take on the storylines of the five superheroes through its application of humorous elements coupled with immersive action sequences that captivate viewers’ attention. However, it also delves deeply into character development throughout its five-season run. This facet alone contributes greatly towards cementing Teen Titans’ place in history within the DC Comics universe beyond any doubt whatsoever.

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9 Zack Snyder’s Justice League (2021)

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The second attempt of Justice League addressed the negative reviews from the critics and fans; the four-hour Snyder cut was indeed an improvement from the original released in 2017. The expanded version brings in the backstories of the Flash and Cyborg making the two characters more interesting than ever. The completely different ending of the movie takes a much darker approach and the appearance of Batman’s ultimate rival.

While Zack Snyder’s Justice League had mixed reviews of the movie, the storyline had a genuine feeling of urgency and stakes which kept the fans on the edge of their seat until the end of the movie.

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8 Aquaman (2018)

Jason Momoa as Aquaman
Warner Bros. Pictures

The underrated comic character of the comics took a positive turn by receiving an overwhelming amount of responses, with Jason Momoa giving the character the justice Aquaman deserves. While Aquaman’s maligned ability to talk to fish made the superhero less popular than his counterparts, but the fairly straightforward origin story about a lost prince accepting his fate has made the James Wan version that transforms the DC universe into an epic, entertaining, and outrageous blockbuster, creating a superhero movie unlike any other.

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7 Birds of Prey (2020)Birds of Prey (2020)

DC has struggled time and time again to adapt its beloved superheroes and villains for the big screen. Fortunately, there has always been a constant fact when it comes to the DC adaptations that will never disappoint the fans: Margot Robbie’s performance of Harley Quinn. With a similar look and feel to the Suicide Squad movies, the Birds of Prey movie was an all-female superhero group formed through heartbreak and offered its fans empowerment. Giving the fans what they want with humor and action of the ingenuity of the characters and vibrant effects greatly contributed to the success of the movie.

6 Batman: The Animated Series (1992)

Batman: The Animated Series (1992-1995)
Warner Bros. Animation

Batman: The Animated Series is hailed as one of the best animated series of all time. It has had an enormous impact on the Batman plot and the character arc of the protagonist. Kevin Conroy’s portrayal of Batman is legendary, and the show’s dark, brooding aesthetic and narrative standards for animated TV shows. Even now, fans adore Batman: The Animated Series as a vital component of the Batman legend.

5 Shazam (2019)

The Best DC Comic Adaptations, Ranked
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Zachary Levi’s portrayal of Shazam pulled off the comedic effects and timing of the character with both the adult Shazam and the teen Billy. The superhero movie isn’t the typical DC dark origin story, but rather filled with a true warmth and authenticity, though it still feels a little predictable. The obnoxious villain played by Mark Strong is a bit of a drip, and the CG overkill of the ending takes over.

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4 Batman: Under the Red Hood (2010)

The Best DC Comic Adaptations, Ranked
DC Comics

The continuation of The Killing Joke, Under the Red Hood is one of the best-animated superhero movies for anyone who wants to start exploring the fascinating world of contemporary DC animation. Under the Red Hood raises important questions about what motivates The Dark Knight to carry on fighting and what a losing battle against the criminal underbelly. The Long Halloween is expected to live up to high standards not simply because of the well-known plot or the strong creative team, but also because DC Animation established such standards with Under the Red Hood.

3 Superman: The Movie (1978)

The Best DC Comic Adaptations, Ranked
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Richard Donner’s Superman serves as the template for all subsequent superhero movies. This version of Superman continues to hold up as a classic of the DC superhero genre because of Christopher Reeves’ famous portrayal as the Man of Steel and its ground-breaking special effects. The star-studded cast brought out the offbeat humor and chemistry between Superman and Lois, proclaiming the greatest portrayal of the great Krypton superhero.

2 Wonder Woman (2017)

The Best DC Comic Adaptations, Ranked
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By the gods! The latest iteration of Wonder Woman, starring Gal Gadot, has garnered a remarkable 93% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes. This achievement further cements its status as the preeminent female-led superhero flick since its predecessor rocked audiences back in 2017. Nonetheless, those distinctions don’t do Wonder Woman justice—the role justifiably made Gal Gadot a celebrity. Her performance of Diana provides this Amazonian princess with the appropriate air of regal authority, but Gadot also demonstrates that she has a delightfully dry sense of humor as the character keeps being shocked at how peculiar masculine mortals are. The World War I battlefield gauntlet that Wonder Woman endures is a classic action sequence, and Chris Pine makes for the ideal romantic antagonist. Moviegoers weren’t necessarily screaming for more Superman or Batman movies after Wonder Woman. What we wanted was more of her.

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1 The Dark Knight (2008)

The Best DC Comic Adaptations, Ranked
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One of Christopher Nolan’s most notable cinematic achievements is The Dark Knight trilogy, which many consider an unrivaled superhero movie adaptation. In particular, the second movie—featuring Heath Ledger in a standout role as the Joker—seamlessly blends elements of suspenseful storytelling with thrilling action sequences for an unforgettable viewing experience. Following this triumph, other filmmakers and studios were inspired to aim higher when creating similar films that could also possess such ambitious complexity and captivating charm. However, it seems evident that DC has struggled at times attempting to reach these heights since then due largely to The Dark Knight casting an immense shadow over them all; yet no other superhero film from any studio thus far can claim absolute superiority over its greatness.

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