“Terrifier 3: France’s The Coven Launches World Sales for Highly Anticipated Horror Threequel”


France-based distribution company, The Coven, is set to launch world sales for the highly anticipated threequel, Terrifier 3. The decision comes in the wake of the breakout success of Terrifier 2 at the box office.

Writer-director Damien Leone and producer Phil Falcone, the creative masterminds behind the franchise, will return to oversee the continuation of the terrifying story.

While details of the plot are being kept under wraps, fans can expect the return of David Howard Thornton, who portrays the iconic Art the Clown, and Lauren LaVera, known for her role as Sienna. The Coven will serve as the executive producer and has already received significant interest from potential buyers.

Production for Terrifier 3 is scheduled to commence in November or December of this year, with a planned release in late 2024. The threequel is expected to receive a substantially higher budget in the low to mid-seven-figure range, signifying a significant increase compared to its predecessor.

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Terrifier 2, made on a modest budget of around $250,000, surpassed all expectations by grossing over $15 million worldwide, with over $10 million coming from the United States alone, where it was distributed by Cinedigm.

The film premiered at Frightfest and FantasticFest last year, gaining recognition for its intense gore and dedication to practical effects reminiscent of classic horror films. It currently boasts an impressive 85 percent critical score and 80 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

The sequel follows the malevolent actions of Art the Clown, who, resurrected by a sinister entity, returns to the tranquil town of Miles County to prey upon a teenage girl and her younger brother on Halloween night.

Priscilla Smith, a representative from The Coven, expressed excitement about the upcoming installment, stating, “There will be a much bigger budget this time around, which is intended to give the filmmakers more creative freedom and allow them to explore their wildest ideas. And, all jokes aside, we are going for that Oscar this year.”

Leone echoed Smith’s sentiments, promising that Terrifier 3 would push the boundaries of the horror genre even further, delivering the same unrelenting and uncompromising terror that fans have come to love. He teased, “If you thought Art the Clown’s reign of terror in part 2 was extreme, you haven’t seen anything yet.”

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Horror enthusiasts and fans of the Terrifier franchise can eagerly anticipate the next installment, as The Coven gears up to bring the chilling vision of Terrifier 3 to life with higher stakes, increased production values, and a commitment to delivering an unforgettable horror experience.


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