Superman Legacy’s New Superhero Gets Modern Redesign In Gorgeous Art



  • The upcoming film, Superman: Legacy, will introduce several new DC Universe heroes, including Mister Terrific, played by Edi Gathegi.
  • Fan art depicts a sleek redesign of Mister Terrific’s classic outfit, featuring a high-tech body suit and T-Spheres.
  • Mister Terrific’s role in the film is still uncertain, but he may have a small role helping Clark Kent and could potentially set up future appearances or introduce his team, The Terrifics.

The DC Universe is set to introduce several DC Universe heroes in James Gunn’s Superman: Legacy, and new fan art imagines what actor Edi Gathegi could look like in the film with a sleek new visual redesign of the character’s classic outfit. The new DC Universe will officially kick off with the Max-exclusive animated series Creature Commandos, but 2025’s Superman: Legacy will begin the new franchise on the big screen. While the story will focus on Clark Kent’s dual life as a Daily Planet reporter and the iconic Superman, Edi Gathegi has been cast as the powerful hero Mister Teriffic.

Mister Terrific will be joined by three other announced DC Universe heroes in addition to Superman – Isabela Merced as Hawkgirl, Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern Guy Gardner, and Anthony Carrigan as Metamorpho. Mister Terrific has previously appeared in live-action before, showing up in Arrow season 4. There, the character sported his iconic T-shaped face markings and black and white leather jacket. However, artist youssef_defenshi has modernized Mister Terrific on Instagram, showcasing a design that’s much more tech-forward.

The most obvious character design change is that Mister Terrific’s leather jacket has been replaced by a slender, high-tech body suit that extends down through his legs. Mister Terrific is also shown holding one of his T-Spheres, semi-autonomous devices that can perform a variety of functional and combat-oriented tasks.

What Role Mister Terrific Will Play In Superman: Legacy

mister terrific james gunn tease

With Superman: Legacy casting only recently announced and a pair of strikes currently halting Hollywood filming, writing, and production, little is yet known about specifics for Superman’s DC reboot debut. However, comments by Gunn and information about Mister Terrific can give some indication of what role the hero may play. James Gunn has confirmed that Superman: Legacy takes place in a world already inhabited by superheroes, so Clark Kent will hardly be alone in saving the world. He’s also confirmed that he movie will very much be about Clark/Superman, so it’s unlikely that the project plays out like a true team-up movie.

Given that, it seems likely that Mister Terrific will have a small role in Superman: Legacy, perhaps appearing to help Clark and setting up a future appearance. However, more than just being a solo hero, Mister Terrific may also tease (or directly confirm) his team in the DC Universe. The franchise may take it slow in forming the Justice League, instead spotlighting other teams. In DC Comics, Mister Terrific leads The Terrifics. Given that Metamorpho is another important member and is also confirmed for the movie gives the theory credence. Either way, there’s still a lot of wait time until 2025’s Superman: Legacy sees Mister Terrific’s debut.

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