SDCC 2023 Uncertain: Writers’ Strike Threatens Panel Lineup


San Diego Comic-Con, known as the Mecca for comic book and movie lovers, was halted by the pandemic but made a successful comeback in 2022 with a masked-and-vaccinated convention.

However, recent developments in Hollywood may cause another setback for the festival. The ongoing Writers Guild of America strike and the looming negotiation deadline for SAG-AFTRA could potentially affect the upcoming edition of the event, set to commence on July 19.

Typically, by this time, fans would have a good idea of the presentations and panels at SDCC. However, due to the writers’ strike and the possibility of SAG-AFTRA joining them, notable studios have refrained from making any announcements for the convention.convention

Marvel Studios, known for its Hall H presentations, has already canceled its plans despite having projects in the pipeline such as Loki season two and The Marvels. Disney and HBO, which have a multitude of fan-favorite shows, will also be absent from the festival. Netflix, Sony, and Universal Pictures have chosen not to participate as well, despite having highly anticipated features like Kraven: The Hunter, Gran Turismo, The Exorcist, and Strays.

SDCC 2023 Uncertain: Writers' Strike Threatens Panel Lineup

Warner Bros Discovery, led by David Zaslav, is still in a wait-and-see phase. The studio has films like Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Blue Beetle, which could benefit from positive PR after The Flash and Shazam Fury of the Gods underperformed at the box office. According to the report, the newly rebranded Max is planning to bring some animation titles to the convention. Additionally, Paramount is expected to join the festival with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem. However, Paramount+ is yet to commit to panels for its Star Trek shows. Studios are reluctant to commit to panels due to the potential strike, which could lead to the absence of leading talents.

In response to the situation, Comic-Con spokesperson David Glanzer expressed hope for a speedy resolution that would benefit all parties involved. He stated, “Our hope is for a speedy resolution that will prove beneficial to all parties and allow everyone to continue the work they love. Until then, we continue to diligently work on our summer event in the hopes of making it as fun, educational, and celebratory as in years past.”

As of now, San Diego Comic-Con is scheduled to begin on July 19, but further developments regarding the strike and studio participation are eagerly awaited.

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