Satish Kaushik Wanted To Commit Suicide After His Best Friend Boney Kapoor’s Films Made 50 Crores Loss Due To Him: “Thought People Would Make Fun Of Me After My Death…”


Satish Kaushik Wanted To Jump Out Of The Window But Decided Against It For A Funny Reason(Photo Credit –Instagram)

Late Actor Satish Kaushik has been trending on the Internet since morning and people are remembering The Mr. India actor for his legendary characters. April 13 is Satish Kaushik’s first birth anniversary. The actor would have turned 67 today. Satish Kaushik passed away on March 9, 2023 after a massive cardiac arrest.

Kaushik was very close to producer Boney Kapoor and his family. Their collaborations and friendship goes way back to the 80’s when Boney Kapoor first signed the actor, a National School Of Drama pass out for a fee of Rs. 201. However, Anil Kapoor insisted that he is a fine artist and Boney Kapoor immediately hiked his fee to Rs. 500.

Later, Satish Kaushik and Boney Kapoor developed such a strong friendship that the producer entrusted him to direct Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja which incurred heavy losses and Boney went almost bankrupt. After the film incurred a loss of 50 crores, Satish Kaushik had suicidal thoughts. Later, Boney and Kaushik both made fun of those thoughts in different interviews. Scroll to know this funny story.

The Tere Naam director, first assisted filmmaker Shekhar Kapur in two iconic films – Masoom and Mr. India. Kaushik even acted in Mr. India and his character from the film Calendar was loved by all. After assisting Kapur, Boney Kapoor entrusted Kaushik with Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja starring Anil Kapoor and Sridevi. The film made huge losses. After that, Kaushik, directed Prem which was Boney’s brother Sanjay Kapoor’s launch vehicle. The films made huge losses adding upto around 50 crores.

Sridevi’s husband was in huge debt after these big debacles. 25 years later, in an interview, the Tere Naam director apologised to his best friend Boney for those unfortunate and hard days. He confessed after the films tanked, he wanted to commit suicide but decided against it. The director had a funny story to back his decision. He was staying in a hotel and wanted to jump out of the window. But he was staying on the first floor. In an interview with Mumbai Mirror the actor told, “I was newly married and even my wife was fed up. If I would have jumped out of the window, nothing would have happened, as I was on the first floor. The dinner table was set on the ground floor. If I had jumped I would have landed on Bhindi Ki Sabzi and people would have made fun of that as well.”

Producer Boney Kapoor, on an episode of The Kapil Sharma Show also had a funny story about Kaushik. He told, “Before Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja’s third premiere in Hyderabad, I came to know from trade reports that the film has tanked. Satish, Sridevi and I were in a car and on our way to attend the screening. Sri, asked me how is the film doing and I replied with a blank face – The film has flopped. It has been rejected. The next thing I Saw was that Satish hit the windscreen and started crying. I asked him to calm down as there would be more movies to come but he kept howling.”

Satish Kaushik was an NSD and IIFT graduate who made his debut as a director with Roop Ki Rani Choron Ka Raja. He later went on to direct some memorable films including Raja, Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain, Hamara Dil Aapke Paas Hai, Mujhe Kucch Kehna Hai, Tere Naam, Kyon Ki to name a few.

It’s been a month that he has left this mortal plane and the void of such an iconic actor is still there.

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