Samuel L. Jackson Open to ‘Long Kiss Goodnight’ Follow-Up: Talks Mitch Henessey & More


During a recent interview with veteran actor Samuel L. Jackson delved into his illustrious career in the entertainment industry and took a trip down memory lane to discuss his 1996 action film, The Long Kiss Goodnight. In the movie, Jackson portrayed the character Mitch Henessey, while Geena Davis starred as Samantha Caine, also known as Charly.

The plot followed Samantha, a suburban mom with amnesia, who enlists the help of a private detective (played by Jackson) to unravel her mysterious past, only to discover she was previously a government assassin.

Speaking with the outlet, Jackson reminisced about his experience working with filmmaker Renny Harlin on the 1999 horror film Deep Blue Sea, where he played Russell Franklin, a character who meets a grim fate as he is devoured by DNA-altered sharks. He also revealed the interesting story of how he secured his role as Mitch in The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Initially eager to audition for the part, Jackson expressed frustration as the studio repeatedly declined his request to read for the role. However, fate intervened when he attended a party where both Renny Harlin and Geena Davis were present. Seizing the opportunity, Jackson confronted Harlin about the issue and inquired why he wasn’t allowed to audition. To his surprise, Harlin instantly offered him the role on the spot, without the need for an audition, reading, or any other formalities.

Samuel L. Jackson Open to 'Long Kiss Goodnight' Follow-Up: Talks Mitch Henessey & More

When asked about the studio’s reluctance to cast him, Jackson explained that it stemmed from concerns about a romantic subplot between his character, Mitch, and Geena Davis’ character, Charly Baltimore. The original script included a romantic scene between the two, but it was later removed from the final version.

Despite this, Jackson expressed his admiration for The Long Kiss Goodnight and his fondness for his character, Mitch Henessey. He even expressed enthusiasm about returning for a potential sequel, suggesting an intriguing idea where Charly’s daughter, now grown up, embarks on a journey to uncover her mother’s past and continues her legacy.

In conclusion, the interview with Samuel L. Jackson served as a delightful walk down memory lane, with the actor expressing his love for The Long Kiss Goodnight and his willingness to reprise the role of Mitch Henessey. As the interview wrapped up, Jackson playfully invited fans to “Come find Mitch. Come find Mitch Hennessy!” leaving the door open for exciting possibilities in the future.


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