Ryan Murphy Rumored to Return to Disney: What’s Next for the Acclaimed TV Producer


Ryan Murphy has experienced immense success throughout his career, starting with his FX series Nip/Tuck and continuing with shows like Glee, American Horror Story, and American Crime Story. He has become a prominent figure in television.

Prior to his deal with Netflix, which brought us shows like Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, Murphy was associated with 20th Century for a significant portion of his television career. However, recent reports indicate that he might be returning to Disney.

Murphy will be departing from Netflix at the end of his five-year, nine-figure deal with the streaming platform. Rumors suggest that he might reunite with Dana Walden, with whom he had previously collaborated during her tenure as head of 20th Century Fox TV. Walden now serves as co-chairman of Disney Entertainment, implying that Murphy might find his next streaming home within the massive conglomerate.

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Instead of venturing into the cheerful world of Disney+, Murphy would likely return to FX, and subsequently Hulu, considering the impending merger between Disney+ and Hulu. This union could potentially pave the way for Murphy to create future projects on the proposed unified platform.

To be fair, this transition doesn’t mark a significant departure from Murphy’s previous endeavors. His work at Netflix, encompassing shows like Hollywood and the Monster series featuring Evan Peters as Jeffrey Dahmer, which garnered critical acclaim for Peters and co-star Niecy Nash but also faced backlash for its portrayal of the serial killer, aligns closely with his other shows on FX and Fox.

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Murphy has a distinct style that permeates both his choice of actors and his storytelling techniques. The success of his various anthology series stems from his adeptness at crafting short-form narratives rather than long, overarching storylines. Some of his shows, like Nip/Tuck, famously veered off track after a few seasons, leaving fans more frustrated than entertained. Therefore, his reunion with Walden could prove to be beneficial if Murphy continues to explore anthology ideas. These projects often showcase Murphy’s visionary storytelling abilities and provide him with the freedom to delve deeper into these worlds without being confined to multiple seasons with the same characters.

This change may come as a surprise, considering the success of shows like Dahmer. The Netflix/Murphy partnership seemed like an ideal fit, but with the Fox and Disney merger and Walden’s leadership, Murphy might simply be yearning for the familiarity of his previous playground. Whatever the underlying reasons, it will undoubtedly be intriguing to follow Murphy’s future endeavors, especially within the realm of his serial killer anthology. Stay tuned to Collider for future updates on Murphy’s upcoming plans.

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