Robin Gets A Gritty Redesign In The Batman 2 Fan Art




  • Robin could return in The Batman 2, and a fan-made concept art gives Robin a gritty new look for the film.
  • The artist’s concept art draws inspiration from Damian Wayne’s Robin costume.
  • While it may be a logical progression for Robin to join The Batman’s story, some might argue that the grounded and realistic tone of the universe may make the idea of Batman having a sidekick less believable. However, the ending of The Batman sets the stage for Robin’s return.

The Batman 2 fan concept art gives Robin a modern, gritty new design to match the aesthetic of director Matt Reeves’ world. Robert Pattinson took the world by storm with his debut as DC’s Dark Knight in The Batman. With many iconic characters from Batman’s comic book adventures making their way onto The Batman, it is possible that Batman’s sidekick, Robin, is set to finally return to the big screen as part of The Batman 2‘s cast of characters when the film arrives in theaters in 2025.

On Instagram, artist @jaxsonderr shared a gritty fan-made concept art of Robin for The Batman 2.

While the artist mentions that Dick Grayson is the Robin that appears in the fan art, the hero’s costume looks like a grounded, redesigned take on another Robin’s costume, Damian Wayne, who is set to debut in the DC Universe’s The Brave and the Bold movie, which exists in parallel to Reeves’ The Batman universe. Damian’s upcoming debut could have inspired the design for the artist’s concept art, which adapts his Robin costume to The Batman‘s visual style.

Will The Batman – Part II Actually Feature Robin?

Robin Gets A Gritty Redesign In The Batman 2 Fan Art

There are currently no concrete reveals about The Batman 2‘s story, with many rumors emerging about which heroes and villains might be showing up in the film. However, The Batman‘s ending set the stage for Robin to finally return to a live-action film since 1997’s ill-received Batman & Robin. The Batman ended with Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne understanding that he does not have to represent vengeance but instead can be a beacon of hope to the citizens of Gotham.

Robin would fit that theme nicely in the sequel, especially the Dick Grayson version of the hero that appears in the fan art. Grayson is known for being one of the most optimistic characters in DC Comics, with the hero — both as Robin and Nightwing — making the difficult mission of having Batman lighten up seem easy. With Reeves saying that The Batman 2 including Robin is possible, Dick Grayson is the best version of the hero — and the original Robin — to help Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne continue his journey toward a lighter life, which could see the actor get to explore Bruce’s playboy side in the sequel.

That said, The Batman 2‘s possible Robin plan could be a mistake. Pattinson’s Batman lives in a world that is more grounded than the comics, which makes the idea of the hero taking on a child on his journey against crime less believable than The Brave and the Bold‘s announced use of Damian Wayne. Adding to that is the fact that Pattinson’s Batman seems fairly young to take on a sidekick. However, Pattinson’s Bruce is not that far off from the age the character had when Robin debuted in the comics, and due to the original movie’s ending, The Batman 2 featuring Robin would make sense.

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