Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight Faces Clayface In Horrifying The Batman 2 Fan Art



  • The Batman – Part II fan art imagines Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight facing off against the terrifying and realistic live-action version of Clayface.
  • There has been no official announcement about Clayface appearing in the sequel, but rumors suggest that he may be part of Matt Reeves’ Batman universe.
  • The Golden Age version of Basil Karlo, a Hollywood actor turned murderer, would be an intriguing choice for Reeves to explore in The Batman – Part II, potentially as a psychological murder thriller.

Clayface gets pitched as the main antagonist for Robert Pattinson’s Dark Knight in horrifying The Batman – Part II fan art. Following the big success of The Batman, Matt Reeves is just getting started with his Elseworlds-inspired universe. While the Writers Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA strikes are still taking place, The Batman – Part II is on its way, with Reeves returning once again to direct while Pattinson is back as the Caped Crusader.

Whether it is popular theories about The Batman – Part II or endless fan art and trailers suggesting which villain he should fight next, the fanbase is constantly hoping for and speculating about new updates about the sequel. For the time being, The Batman – Part II plot details are being kept under wraps as the world is left speculating what Reeves is cooking for the next installment.

New The Batman – Part II fan art by Victor Batista gives Pattinson’s hero a new enemy in the form of a more realistic – and more intimidating – live-action form of Clayface, shown looming over the protector of Reeves’ Gotham. While Clayface has been featured in a handful of live-action TV shows, the supervillain has never been part of any Batman movie over the past few decades, making the fan art an insightful look into what a movie version of the character could look like.

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Is Clayface In The Batman – Part II?

The Batman 2 Villain Clayface Origin Powers Comics

To this point, there has been no official announcement made by Reeves or anyone who is involved with The Batman – Part II that Clayface will appear in the sequel. With both of the major Hollywood strikes taking place, Reeves couldn’t even make any comments on a supposed Clayface storyline, even if he wanted to. However, thanks to rumors back in April, there is a chance that Clayface may be entering Reeves’ The Batman universe

If Clayface is actually in The Batman – Part II, there is a particular version that Reeves could end up using, as multiple villains have carried the name in the comics. For The Batman franchise, the Golden Age incarnation of Basil Karlo would be perfect for The Batman – Part II, especially given the heavy detective elements that Reeves has added to this version of the Gotham City vigilante. Basil’s Clayface, who was originally a Hollywood actor before he started murdering his co-stars who played characters he killed in his films, would be a brilliant psychological murder thriller for Batman to investigate in The Batman – Part II.

Seeing Reeves tackle someone like Clayface – even if it was the traditional shapeshifting mud monster and didn’t lean into the mystery elements as much – would be fascinating, and also allow another famous Batman villain to shine who has never had a chance to be in a live-action film. Given that Reeves is expanding this franchise, it wouldn’t be shocking if someone like Clayface even had his own Max series, similar to Colin Farrell’s The Penguin, in order to add more depth to the villain’s mythology in this continuity. Hopefully, once the strikes come to an end, Reeves will be able to share new exciting details about The Batman – Part II before they start principal photography.


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