Robert Downey Jr. Interested in Tropic Thunder 2: Controversial Comeback?


Fifteen years have passed since Robert Downey Jr. brought the controversial character of Kirk Lazarus to life in the action comedy “Tropic Thunder.” Directed by Ben Stiller, the film explored the antics of temperamental actors causing chaos on the set of a war movie before finding themselves stranded in the jungle. Now, Downey Jr. has weighed in on the possibility of a sequel, expressing his interest in returning to the satirical world created by Stiller.


Downey Jr.’s Comments on Tropic Thunder 2:During the premiere of his new Max reality series, “Downey’s Dream Cars,” the actor was asked about the potential for a “Tropic Thunder 2.” Downey Jr., who received an Oscar nomination for his role in the film, confirmed his interest in reprising the character of Kirk Lazarus. He humorously teased that the only obstacle preventing the sequel was deciding on the title. His response suggested a positive inclination towards a sequel, leaving fans hopeful for a continuation of the satirical franchise.

Robert Downey Jr. Interested in Tropic Thunder 2: Controversial Comeback?

Controversy Surrounding Tropic Thunder:Upon its release, “Tropic Thunder” gained critical acclaim and achieved success at the box office. However, it also became a center of controversy, particularly concerning Downey Jr.’s portrayal of Lazarus. In the film, Lazarus is a white actor who undergoes an extreme method acting technique by donning blackface. This aspect of the movie sparked heated debates, with some criticizing it as an endorsement of racist practices, while others argued that the film was mocking blackface, both subtly and explicitly.

The Changing Landscape of War Movies:At the time of “Tropic Thunder’s” release, the war genre was experiencing a resurgence with films like “Jarhead,” “Blood Diamond,” and “Rescue Dawn.” Ironically, “Tropic Thunder” shared its release year with the acclaimed war film “The Hurt Locker,” which received multiple Oscar nominations and accolades. However, in the past 15 years, interest in war movies has waned, making it challenging to create a timely sequel that aligns with current industry standards and audience preferences.

Sequels and Meta Commentary in Entertainment:Sequels have become a target for meta commentary in recent times, as seen in the ongoing “Scream” franchise and “The Matrix Revolutions.” This trend opens up an opportunity for Ben Stiller to embark on another biting satirical journey into the movie industry with a potential “Tropic Thunder 2.” The sequel could delve into contemporary issues, with Downey Jr.’s Lazarus and Tom Cruise’s memorable character, Les Grossman, making controversial appearances once again.

Robert Downey Jr.’s expressed interest in a potential return for “Tropic Thunder 2” has ignited speculation and anticipation among fans. While the original film garnered acclaim, it also faced criticism for its handling of sensitive subjects. Given the changing landscape of war movies and the ongoing trend of meta commentary in sequels, Stiller could seize the opportunity to create a timely and thought-provoking follow-up. However, any potential sequel would need to navigate the controversial elements with sensitivity while delivering the biting satire that made the original film a success.

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