Robert De Niro Reveals He’s Now a Father of Seven Children”


Robert De Niro, the celebrated Hollywood actor, has recently announced that he is now a father of seven children.

During an interview with ET Canada, while promoting his new film About My Father, De Niro revealed that he had “just had a baby.”

Although De Niro’s representative confirmed the news of the baby to the Associated Press, no other details were shared, including the name of the mother.

The actor has been romantically linked to Tiffany Chen for several years, and the paparazzi recently captured images of the couple leaving a restaurant in Santa Monica with a baby bump.

De Niro’s previous children include daughter Drena, 51, and son Raphael, 46, with his first wife, Diahnne Abbott.

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In 1995, he welcomed twin sons Julian and Aaron, 27, with his former girlfriend, Toukie Smith. He also has a son Elliot, 24, and daughter Helen Grace, 11, with his ex-wife, Grace Hightower.

During the interview, De Niro shared his views on parenthood, which ties in closely with the subject of his new film.

He explained that guiding children can be challenging and sometimes requires laying down the law. He admitted that he’s not much of a “cool dad,” but his children are respectful even when they disagree with him.

When the interviewer referred to his six children, De Niro was quick to correct her, revealing that he now has seven. He added that his youngest child will bring more challenges and adventures to his fatherhood journey.

De Niro’s latest film, About My Father, stars Sebastian Maniscalco and explores the complicated relationship between a father and son. The film’s subject matter and De Niro’s personal life have generated a lot of interest among fans and the media alike.

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Despite his fame and success, De Niro has always been a private person, and he is likely to keep details about his new addition to the family under wraps. However, fans are thrilled to hear about the arrival of his seventh child and wish him all the best in his fatherhood journey.

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