Portrait of the Queen Explores Queen Elizabeth II’s Life Through Photographs [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]



  • An exclusive clip from the documentary Portrait of the Queen reveals how photographers curated Queen Elizabeth’s image through portraits.
  • The documentary explores the iconic photographs of Queen Elizabeth II and the photographers who played a role in shaping her image.
  • Portrait of the Queen provides an inside look into how Queen Elizabeth’s portraits will shape her legacy for years to come.

Screen Rant is proud to present an exclusive clip from the new documentary Portrait of the Queen. The documentary takes an untraditional look at her life, inspired by the Paola Calvetti bestseller Elisabetta II: Ritratto di Regina. Queen Elizabeth is likely the most photographed person on Earth in her 96 years of life, and the documentary examines her through this lens.

The documentary follows Queen Elizabeth II’s life through photographic portraits and interviews with the famed photographers who were responsible for these portraits, including Brian Aris, Jason Bell, Julian Calder, Chris Levine, David Montgomery, and John Swannell. These are the people who not only collected but also created the image of the British monarchy and how it will be remembered throughout history. In honor of the one-year anniversary of her death, the documentary is now available on digital.

More About Portrait Of The Queen

portrait of the queen

In Screen Rant’s exclusive clip from Portrait of the Queen features one of the photographers discussing a photograph he took at Balmoral. He explains that there was a bit more freedom there because the estate was closed when they were there. He also shares what inspired him to take the shot of her with the sweeping landscape behind her, explaining the history of this style of portrait. He also breaks down their process and why Queen Elizabeth II takes the portrait from pretty to stunning.

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Queen Elizabeth II was the leader of England for most people’s lives, but she largely remained an enigma. Portrait of the Queen gives an inside look into how she and the photographers curated her image through these portraits, which will be how she is remembered throughout the years. Portrait of the Queen captures its own image of the Queen and how she has been remembered by many, from the people who took her photograph to those she inspired.

Portrait of the Queen is directed by Fabrizio Ferri and narrated by Charles Dance. The documentary includes additional interviews with Susan Sarandon, Isabella Rossellini, curator Emma Blau, and stylist Pierpaolo Piccioli. Portrait of the Queen has a runtime of 77 minutes.

Portrait of the Queen is available digitally now.

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