Phil Dunster Shares Honest Thoughts on Future of Ted Lasso: Integrity and Care Above All”


Phil Dunster, known for his role as Jamie Tartt in the popular Apple TV+ dramedy “Ted Lasso,” recently shared his honest thoughts on the show’s future. With the conclusion of its third season, which featured a heartfelt montage showcasing the characters’ milestones, including Ted’s joyful reunion with his son in the United States, it appeared to be a definitive ending. However, without any official confirmation regarding the possibility of a fourth season, speculation continues.


During a For Your Consideration Emmys Event, Dunster, along with several co-stars, discussed the future of “Ted Lasso.” He offered a mixed but candid response, stating that nobody desires more of the show just for the sake of it since there is already an abundance of television content available. Dunster emphasized the importance of maintaining integrity if there were to be further seasons, expressing confidence that showrunner Jason Sudeikis, writer Joe Kelly, and producers Brendan Hunt and Bill Lawrence would only proceed if they believed it was the right decision. Dunster appreciated the fans’ interest in the show and acknowledged the significance of producing content with integrity.

Phil Dunster Shares Honest Thoughts on Future of Ted Lasso: Integrity and Care Above All"

The lack of an official response from the cast, crew, Apple TV, and the production companies involved with the show has led to confusion about the potential for a fourth season. Typically, successful series like “Ted Lasso” receive promotion for their final seasons, resulting in increased viewership, awards recognition, and overall buzz. It is unusual that the show’s third season was not explicitly advertised as its last.

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It is possible that Apple does not yet have a clear vision for the next phase of the series. Sudeikis has mentioned that Ted Lasso’s story is over but also suggested that the crew could continue without him as a main character. This aligns with the hints in season 3, which seemed to lay the groundwork for potential spinoffs centered around the ensemble cast.


Concrete information about “Ted Lasso” season 4 is likely affected by the ongoing Writers Guild of America (WGA) strike, which aims to secure fair wages for writers. Nevertheless, co-creator Brendan Hunt has hinted at the possibility of the series returning, though no further details have been provided. Despite the uncertainty, the common sentiment in these public statements is the importance of thoughtful decision-making, ensuring that any future plans for the show are not driven solely by the desire to continue a successful franchise.

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