New ‘Evil Dead Rise’ Clips Turn Alyssa Sutherland Into a Deadite Monster


Following the ticket sale for the upcoming horror flick, Evil Dead Rise—which is the latest entry for the Evil Dead universe Sam Raimi created—the Book of the Dead was once again unleashed, along with two new clips showing a mother quickly turning into a dreadful monster. The clips posted on Bloody Disgusting’s YouTube page heighten anticipation for the forthcoming film, which will soon scare cinemagoers on April 21.

The clips, titled “Burned Alive” and “Good Girl,” tease new franchise character, Ellie (Alyssa Sutherland), as she turns into a Deadite in the Los Angeles high-rise apartment, which is different from the usual cabin in the woods setting where previous Evil Dead features took place. The first one sees Kassie (Nell Fisher) looking through a peephole as she witnesses her mom change into a nightmarish Deadite. When she opens the door upon her mother’s request, her mommy—now a Deadite—reaches for her neck to strangle her, highlighting that Ellie is no longer the mom Kassie knew. Moreover, the second clip shows Beth (Lily Sullivan) seeing before her eyes how her sister gradually changes into something she would have never expected.


Evil Dead Rise is the latest addition to the ever-expanding franchise—from films to television series—with Lee Cronin, the Ghost Train director, at the helm. It follows two estranged sisters, Ellie and Beth, who reunite after not seeing each other for a long time. However, their long-overdue reunion took a hellish turn when Ellie’s soul became possessed by the Necronomicon and the Deadites. Beth and Ellie’s children must not only fight for their lives, but also against the evil that is slowly consuming Ellie’s soul.

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Evil Dead Rise Bring the Deadites Into a Contemporary Setting

Although the latest Evil Dead entry still incorporates a bloody and evil affair, Cronin altered the narrative a little bit by changing the traditional Evil Dead setting, bringing the wrath to the city; it is also the first time an Evil Dead movie includes a child in the cast, so audiences can expect a more family-oriented story—except, it’s certainly a terrifying one. The upcoming film will also feature a new weapon in addition to the shotgun and chainsaw that fans are all accustomed to.

And though fans of the franchise can confirm that all Evil Dead films have never had what you can call a happy ending—taking into account how in previous outings, characters who ultimately succeed either lose an arm or a loved one in the process—fans can safely assume that Cronin might change the usual for the better—or for worse—but we can only tell once the film hits theaters on April 21.

In the meantime, you can watch the recently released clips below.

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