Netflix Acquires Todd Haynes’ Cannes Film Festival Entry “May December”


In an exciting development for film enthusiasts, Netflix has recently acquired the rights to Todd Haynes’ highly acclaimed film, “May December,” which premiered at the Cannes Film Festival and left a lasting impression on audiences.

During its premiere on Saturday evening, the movie received a remarkable six-minute standing ovation, solidifying its place as a must-watch production.

“May December” stars the talented Natalie Portman in the role of a Hollywood actress who embarks on a journey to Georgia to delve into the life of Gracie, portrayed by Julianne Moore. This collaboration marks the fourth time Moore has teamed up with Haynes.

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Gracie, once the subject of tabloid gossip due to her May-December relationship with Joe (played by Charles Melton), a man 23 years her junior, finds her story at the heart of this captivating narrative. The film explores Elizabeth’s (Portman) preparations for her role, as she observes Gracie and Joe’s marriage two decades later, just as they are about to enter the empty nest phase.

CAA Media Finance and UTA Independent Film Group facilitated the film’s distribution in the United States. “May December” was written by Samy Burch and Alex Mechanik, with a remarkable producing team that includes Christine Vachon and Will Ferrell from Killer Films. Films

Executives behind the project include Lee Broda, Alex Brown, Samy Burch, Madeleine Rudin Johnson, Jonathan Montepare, Jeff Rice, Thomas K Richards, and Thorsten Schumacher. Producers also include Jessica Elbaum, Grant S. Johnson, Pamela Koffler, Tyler W. Konney, Sophie Mas, and Natalie Portman herself.

Critics have lauded “May December” as a complex drama that seamlessly balances intimacy and detachment, occasionally adopting a clinical tone. The film offers audiences a thought-provoking exploration of the human experience.

Haynes, in an interview with THR, shared that the screenplay for “May December” was presented to him and his team by Natalie Portman and her producing partners during the challenging times of the COVID pandemic. Haynes expressed his appreciation for the rare opportunity to work with such compelling female characters at the center of the story.

The logline of the film reads: “Twenty years after their notorious tabloid romance gripped the nation, a married couple buckles under the pressure when an actress arrives to do research for a film about their past.” This captivating premise has generated significant anticipation among audiences eager to delve into the intricacies of this captivating narrative.

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With Netflix’s acquisition of “May December,” the streaming giant continues to strengthen its portfolio of high-quality films, further solidifying its position as a platform that celebrates diverse and compelling storytelling. Audiences can eagerly anticipate the release of this extraordinary cinematic experience, which promises to captivate and resonate with viewers worldwide.

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