“Mara Jade’s Iconic Star Wars Cosplay: Honoring a Legendary Expanded Universe Character”


A remarkable Star Wars cosplay pays tribute to the legacy of Mara Jade, a beloved character from the old Expanded Universe. Mara Jade was initially introduced in Timothy Zahn’s novel Star Wars: Heir to the Empire. She began as the Emperor’s Hand but transitioned into a smuggler after the Emperor’s apparent demise in Return of the Jedi.

Eventually, she joined forces with Luke Skywalker to combat a common adversary, became a student at his Jedi Academy, married him, and together they had a child named Ben Skywalker. However, when the Expanded Universe was rebranded as “Legends,” Mara Jade’s story became non-canon. While various elements of the Thrawn trilogy have made their way into the TV shows, Mara Jade has yet to be reintroduced to the official canon.

Fortunately, Toxic Girl Cosplay showcased an incredible Mara Jade cosplay at New York Comic Con 2017, flawlessly capturing the character’s unique appearance and style. By wielding her classic purple lightsaber instead of the blue one she received from Luke, it suggests that the cosplay portrays Mara Jade during either her Imperial days or her time on the run.

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The question arises: should Mara Jade make a return to Star Wars canon? With the upcoming adaptation of the Thrawn trilogy in The Mandalorian and its spinoff shows, this could potentially resolve the Mara Jade conundrum within the official Star Wars canon.

The time period would be fitting since both The Mandalorian and Heir to the Empire take place roughly five years after Return of the Jedi. Luke has already established his Jedi Temple on Ossus, and the introduction of Grand Admiral Thrawn in Ahsoka further sets the stage for Mara Jade’s potential return. She could even be portrayed as a former Imperial Inquisitor who answered to Palpatine, maintaining much of her role from Legends while seamlessly integrating her story into the current canon.

"Mara Jade's Iconic Star Wars Cosplay: Honoring a Legendary Expanded Universe Character"

However, it is important to note that many aspects of Mara Jade’s story from Legends would need significant alterations to fit into the current canon. While a romantic relationship between Mara Jade and Luke is feasible, the marriage aspect would require changes unless Mara Jade was killed off at some point prior to the sequel trilogy.

Additionally, it would be peculiar for Palpatine to be alive on Exegol without recruiting his former agent, which was also an inconsistency in the Legends continuity. Nonetheless, the Star Wars franchise has successfully incorporated characters like Thrawn, so the return of Mara Jade to the canon is entirely plausible.

In conclusion, the superb Mara Jade cosplay shared by Toxic Girl Cosplay at New York Comic Con 2017 pays homage to the character’s enduring legacy from the old Expanded Universe. With the potential adaptation of the Thrawn trilogy in The Mandalorian and related shows, there is an opportunity for Mara Jade to make a comeback in Star Wars canon. While certain aspects of her Legends story would require adjustments, the integration of Mara Jade into the official canon is not out of the realm of possibility.


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