“Lucasfilm Confirms Development of Star Wars: Visions Season 3”


Lucasfilm has confirmed that development has begun on the third installment of its animated anthology series, Star Wars: Visions. The news comes just a day after the release of Volume 2 of the series on Disney+.

Star Wars: Visions is a unique anthology series that explores the Star Wars universe through the lens of different animation styles and cultures.

The first two volumes have been executive produced by Waugh, Jacqui Lopez, and Josh Rimes, and have featured the voices of numerous notable actors, including Ursula Corbero, Anjelica Huston, Kate Dickie, Daniel Dae Kim, and Daveed Diggs.

Volume 2 of the series has continued to push the boundaries of Star Wars storytelling, employing animation styles from across the globe.

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The animation studios involved in the production of the series include El Guiri (Spain), Cartoon Saloon (Ireland), Punkrobot (Chile), Aardman (United Kingdom), Studio Mir (South Korea), Studio La Cachette (France), 88 Pictures (India), D’art Shtajio (Japan), and Triggerfish (South Africa).

While details about the potential third volume of Star Wars: Visions have not yet been revealed, fans can expect the same level of creativity and diversity that has made the series so popular.

The first two volumes of Star Wars: Visions are currently available for streaming on Disney+. The series is a must-watch for any Star Wars fan looking for a fresh and innovative take on the beloved franchise.

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