“Joy Ride: Hilarious R-Rated Comedy Explores Friendship, Sex, and Unforgettable Adventures”


Everything Everywhere All at Once star Stephanie Hsu, alongside Sherry Cola and their girlfriends, take a bold and raunchy turn in the latest trailer for Adele Lim’s uproarious comedy, Joy Ride. The R-rated film, set for a theatrical release on July 7, explores the shockingly hilarious dynamics of friendship.

In the trailer, Cola, portraying Lolo, unapologetically challenges societal norms by declaring that sex is not something to be ashamed of; rather, it is a beautiful expression.

She demonstrates this belief to a young man by employing hand slaps and a medley of slurping and gagging sounds, playfully mimicking the act of sex. The teaser for Joy Ride focuses on four unlikely friends who accompany Audrey (played by Ashley Park) on a business trip to Asia, which takes an unexpected turn.

Audrey is joined by Lolo, her childhood best friend who embodies chaos and unpredictability. Stephanie Hsu portrays Kat, Audrey’s college friend turned Chinese soap star, while Sabrina Wu takes on the role of Deadeye, Lolo’s eccentric cousin.

The quartet’s sexual escapades escalate rapidly when they become entangled with an American drug mule during a high-speed train ride in China.

What ensues is a journey of self-discovery and acceptance, fueled by a combination of alcohol-induced adventures and a series of raunchy mishaps, all cleverly compressed into the latest two-minute trailer. Together, the four Asian American friends explore the true meaning of self-identity and love.

In addition to Stephanie Hsu and Sherry Cola, Joy Ride features an ensemble cast that includes Ronny Chieng and Chris Pang from Crazy Rich Asians, as well as Desmond Chiam and Alexander Hodge.

Cherry Chevapravatdumrong and Teresa Hsiao have penned the explicit comedy, based on a story they crafted with director Adele Lim. Seth Rogen shares producer credits on this uproarious film, alongside Evan Goldberg, James Weaver, Josh Fagen, Chevapravatdumrong, Hsiao, and Lim. Joy Ride premiered at SXSW, leaving audiences in stitches with its boundary-pushing humor and unforgettable characters.

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