“James Gunn’s Absence at Comic-Con 2022 Disappoints Fans, Hints at Exciting Superman Reveal in 2024”


James Gunn’s absence at San Diego Comic-Con 2022 has left comic book movie fans disappointed. In an announcement on his Instagram, the acclaimed filmmaker revealed that he would not be attending the convention this year.

While this news may not have been significant if it concerned any other filmmaker, it carries weight because James Gunn holds the position of co-president of DC Films. With this role, he oversees all the DC projects coming to both the big and small screens.

Furthermore, Gunn is also the writer and director of the highly anticipated Superman: Legacy, a mega reboot that has recently announced the casting of its two main leads.

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Although the film won’t be released until 2025, fans were hopeful for at least a brief mention or teaser at the convention. Unfortunately, Gunn’s absence in 2023 dashes those hopes.

However, there is some consolation as it appears that he plans to attend Comic-Con in 2024, which suggests that fans can expect an exciting showcase of Superman and other DC projects at that time.

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As for what will happen at Comic-Con this year, details are currently unknown. However, rest assured that io9 will be on-site to provide comprehensive coverage of the event. Stay tuned here for the latest updates and information.

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