“James Gunn Confirms Superman: Legacy Filming Start Date – Exciting Updates”


James Gunn, the renowned director behind Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy series, has confirmed the start date for the highly anticipated DC film, Superman: Legacy.

Following the success of his last Marvel Studios film, Gunn has shifted his focus to the DC Universe, where he will be spearheading projects alongside DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran.

Superman: Legacy, set to be released in 2025, marks Gunn’s foray into the DC Universe as both the writer and director. The film is expected to delve into the early years of Clark Kent’s life, with rumors suggesting that he may start his journey as a reporter at the Daily Planet.

Casting for the movie is currently underway, and an official reveal date for the actors has yet to be announced. However, with production set to begin in January 2024, it is expected that the cast will be finalized by the end of this year.

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Gunn’s recent announcement regarding the start date of Superman: Legacy confirms previous rumors circulating about the film’s production timeline. In April, the director also reassured fans that the movie’s pre-production had already commenced.

Despite the ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, which has impacted several productions, Gunn’s timely completion of the script’s first draft before the strike began ensures that Superman: Legacy will not be affected.

"James Gunn Confirms Superman: Legacy Filming Start Date - Exciting Updates"

As for the announcement of the cast, there are several potential avenues that DC could explore. In the past, DC has made special press events and subsequent public videos to unveil their upcoming projects. However, due to previous leaks of the DC Universe slate, this strategy may not be the most effective for the Superman: Legacy cast reveal.

Alternatively, DC could leverage the success of their virtual event, DC FanDome, by hosting a new edition to maintain better control over the announcement. Previous editions of DC FanDome have taken place in August and October, making them viable options.

Another possibility for the cast reveal could be the highly anticipated San Diego Comic-Con in July 2023. This event has historically been a platform for major announcements in the superhero genre, with both DC and Marvel showcasing their most anticipated titles.

Given the popularity and significance of the event, it would be an ideal venue for the high-profile announcement of the Superman: Legacy cast.

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With James Gunn at the helm and the production set to begin in early 2024, fans of the Man of Steel can look forward to Superman: Legacy as the first installment in the new DC Universe under Gunn’s creative guidance. As the cast announcement approaches, anticipation for the film continues to build, and the Superman franchise enters an exciting new chapter.



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