Jake Gyllenhaal Previews Guy Ritchie’s ‘The Covenant’ During a Spicy ‘Hot Ones’ Interview


Jake Gyllenhaal has proven to be extremely talented over the course of his career, with very impressive performances in stories such as Nightcrawler or Nocturnal Animals. The actor’s nuanced approach to any role he takes on has made him a household name in the industry, allowing him to take on a variety of different projects, from action blockbusters to more independent character-focused films. But this week, Gyllenhaal was put to the test when he had to be a part of one of YouTube‘s most interesting premises, the show where celebrities must endure to survive the escalating spice of Hot Ones‘ chicken wings.

In the viral show hosted by Sean Evans, guests get to promote an upcoming project they’re a part of while eating chicken wings that get increasingly hotter over the course of the episode. While celebrities reminisce over the achievements they have managed to score throughout the years, the sauces begin to take a toll on them, forcing them to look for the nearest glass of milk, or outright shed tears when they can’t stand the heat anymore. Tons of viral clips have been obtained from episodes of Hot Ones, including that one picture of Millie Bobby Brown crying or that short video where Idris Elba coughs as if his life depended on it.


Gyllenhaal used the opportunity of sitting at Evans’ table to talk about his next movie, Guy Ritchie‘s The Covenant, a war movie set during the time of the Afghanistan conflict. In the upcoming project, the actor was in charge of portraying Sergeant John Kinley, a man who sees himself in the need of hiring a translator before he can head out and complete his mission. Ahmed (Dar Salim) turns out to be the man for the job, and the pair were not prepared for the dangers they ended up facing when they got to Afghanistan, turning this story into a quest for survival.

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What’s Next for Jake Gyllenhaal?

After playing the role of a decorated soldier in Guy Ritchie’s The Covenant, Jake Gyllenhaal is set to tackle a very different type of film, as he will be seen starring in the Road House remake directed by Doug Liman. The original 1989 movie featured Patrick Swayze in the role of James Dalton, a professional cooler with a mysterious past about to start at his new job in New York City. While the film received negative reviews upon release, it became a cult classic, and since then it has been used for reference in plenty of productions released over the decades since its debut.

While you wait for Guy Ritchie’s​​​​​​​ The Covenant to strike theaters on April 21, you can check out Gyllenhaal’s complete interview in Hot Ones below:

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