Innovative Methods for Fans to Support the Survival of ‘Star Trek: Prodigy’ Revealed by Executive Producer


Attention, cadets! We have a critical mission ahead of us. Unfortunately, Paramount+ has made a disappointing decision to cancel Star Trek: Prodigy. Not only is the highly anticipated second season being axed, but the entire first season will also be removed from the streaming platform.

This trend in the entertainment industry of discarding years of hard work and incredible art is disheartening. Alongside four other Paramount+ original series, Prodigy will be removed to serve as a tax write-off. The removal process is expected to begin by the end of June.

Fans from all corners have rightfully criticized the decision to cancel and remove a series from a platform that prided itself as the home of every Star Trek series. In response, Prodigy Executive Producer Aaron J. Waltke has compiled a comprehensive thread outlining various ways to support the series and potentially secure a new home for it, should Paramount not reverse its decision. Waltke believes that the series can find new life given its existing 20 episodes and a nearly-complete second season comprising another 20 episodes, making it an attractive offering for other platforms.

The easiest way to support the series is by watching it, or rewatching it, on Paramount+ and increasing its viewership numbers while it’s still available. Social media users can also contribute by using hashtags like #StarTrekProdigy and #SaveStarTrekProdigy to amplify the series’ visibility. If Paramount+ proceeds with the removal, fan campaigns on platforms like Twitter will help demonstrate the demand for the show. Additionally, you can add your name to a petition to save Prodigy, which has already surpassed 10,000 signatures at the time of writing.

Innovative Methods for Fans to Support the Survival of 'Star Trek: Prodigy' Revealed by Executive Producer

If you have the means, you can also “vote with your wallet” by purchasing the Season 1 Vol. 1 Blu-ray or DVD set. Physical copies have been selling out quickly following the cancellation news, but you can also obtain digital copies through Apple or Prime Video. Furthermore, you can explore a range of collectibles and merchandise from the series, such as action figures, a Murf popcorn bowl, character-centric shirts, a color-changing mug featuring Captain Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), or even join the crew of the USS Protostar with the Star Trek: Prodigy Supernova game for the Nintendo Switch.

Why is it crucial to save Star Trek: Prodigy? In light of the ongoing WGA strike, the impending SAG-AFTRA strike, and the concerning state of the entertainment industry, it has become increasingly important to value and protect creative works. Beyond preserving television shows and movies as significant art and history, Prodigy fills a unique niche that no other Star Trek series has occupied. While Star Trek has historically appealed to multiple age brackets, with families often watching many franchise offerings together, there was no series specifically aimed at children until Prodigy. Despite its target demographic, Prodigy offers substantial enjoyment for adults as well, including myself. Acting as a continuation of Star Trek: Voyager, it brings back longtime fans while serving as a perfect entry point to the franchise for viewers of all ages. Star Trek strives to uphold values and ideals that make the world a better place—a message we could all use more of right now—and no series accomplishes this as purely and openly as Prodigy.

As of now, you can still stream Prodigy on Paramount+. Check out our interview with the series creators below. Let’s rally together and support the show, ensuring its survival and the continuation of its positive impact on viewers.

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