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  • April 14, 2023 / 01:34 PM IST

Bengali superstar Jeet admits that he needs to work very hard at his choreography and that he is not a natural dancer.

Bengali superstar Jeet stunned his fans by dancing to “Ragada” with his co-star Susmita Chatterjee while he was in the capital for the promotion of his movie “Chengiz.” He acknowledged that he is not a terrific dancer, but he has worked extremely hard to improve.

Showing his excitement at the kind of response he received from his fans during the song’s launch, he shared: “I am not a natural dancer like the top dancers of India including Hrithik Roshan and Allu Arjun and have to work very hard for the entire choreography and learning the dance steps. It took about 10-15 days. Of course, I enjoyed dancing on the track because of the amazing choreography and singer Mika Singh.”

When asked if his wife will watch his film first or Salman’s, he responded in a light-hearted way with a smile on his face : “There is a difference between loving someone and being a fan of someone. She loves me so definitely will watch my film first,” he laughed.

Saathi, Nater Guru, Sangee, Bandhan, Yuddho, Jor, Wanted, Dui Prithibi, Nater Guru, Boss: Born to Rule, and The Royal Bengal Tiger are just a few of the well-known works that Jeet is renowned for.

He also mentioned how Yash and “KGF” had likened his appearance to him on film.

“I don’t see any comparison but if anyone is getting the vibes it is just a coincidence.”

He mentioned the film “Sholay” while talking about his picture, which is about the world of crime. The underworld in Kolkata from the 1970s to the mid-1990s is the focus of this film’s very unique plot. Being a mafia player is a completely unique experience.

Since it is his debut Hindi film, he claimed that the distinction between the south and the north has become less distinct and that people are more interested in interesting storytelling.

‘Chengiz’ was produced by Jeet, Gopal Madnani, and Amit Jumrani and was directed by Rajesh Ganguly who also wrote the script and the screenplay. The movie, whose story was written by Neeraj Pandey and Rajesh Ganguly, is scheduled to hit theatres on April 21.

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