Hugo Ruiz, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Explores the Depths of Darkness in One Night With Adela at Tribeca


Hugo Ruiz’s One Night With Adela caused a stir at the Tribeca Film Festival, captivating audiences with its enigmatic storyline set in the Midnight section. The Spanish film, marking Ruiz’s debut as a director, took the festival by storm, earning the prestigious Best New Narrative Director Award, a distinction previously held by talented filmmakers like Michelle Garza Cervera for her work on Huesera. This remarkable achievement is a testament to the film’s ability to emerge seemingly out of nowhere and leave an indelible impression.

Produced by Muertos de Envidia Company and FTFCam, One Night With Adela delves into the haunting and twisted tale of Adela, a night sweeper burdened by deep emotional scars and consumed by a relentless thirst for vengeance against those she perceives as having wronged her.

Throughout the course of the night, viewers bear witness to the enigmatic life of Adela. Against a backdrop of dark and desolate landscapes, the audience embarks on a captivating journey, piecing together the fragments of her tormented soul. The film’s visual aesthetics are striking, employing a series of one-take sequences, each imbued with its own distinct style and atmosphere. However, the true weight of the film lies in the towering performance of Laura Galán, whose exceptional acting prowess carries the movie on her shoulders. Galán’s talent comes as no surprise, given her stellar performance in Piggy (2022), a previous hit at Sundance. Furthermore, #ConUnPack has been entrusted with overseeing international sales and distribution in Spain, according to Variety.

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Notably, One Night With Adela is part of a larger, ambitious trilogy. Each film in the trilogy unfolds simultaneously, anchored around the eventful and fateful night experienced by Adela. Ruiz drew inspiration for this concept from the acclaimed thriller Victoria (2015), renowned for its masterful execution of the one-sequence shot technique.

Hugo Ruiz, Award-Winning Filmmaker, Explores the Depths of Darkness in One Night With Adela at Tribeca

The craftsmanship of One Night With Adela shines through its expert pacing, deftly interweaving information and character development. Ruiz approached the storytelling process with meticulous attention to detail, embedding subtle clues and nuances to sustain the audience’s interest. The film strategically employs long shots, ensuring engagement is maintained without sacrificing momentum. For instance, an early scene depicts Adela grabbing her camera as she embarks on her night sweeping duties—an apparently mundane act that sparks curiosity and sets the stage for later revelations.

The film reaches its crescendo during an evocative dance sequence, which holds great thematic significance and drives the narrative forward. Galán’s performance in this scene is nothing short of breathtaking. Set against the ruins of Adela’s life, the dance becomes an expressive and cathartic release for her, laying bare raw emotions and pent-up rage against those she perceives as her tormentors.

What sets One Night With Adela apart as a captivating cinematic experience is its unwavering commitment to the one-sequence shot technique. While this approach provides filmmakers with a unique storytelling device, it also presents challenges. The physical constraints and limited editing opportunities necessitate meticulous planning and execution. Yet, Ruiz embraces these limitations, skillfully crafting a visual language that is simultaneously restrained and liberated in its storytelling.

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Ultimately, One Night With Adela stands as an artistic tour de force, weaving a dark and psychological tapestry through its innovative use of one-sequence shots, impeccable pacing, and the commanding central performance of Laura Galán. As the haunting night with Adela unfolds, the audience is drawn into a world that is both unsettling and captivating. Through Ruiz’s lens, viewers embark on an enthralling journey into the night, where shadows dance and secrets unravel.

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