How Many More Hercule Poirot Movies Will There Be? Agatha Christie’s Heir Responds




  • James Prichard, Agatha Christie’s great-grandson, reveals that there are 33 total Hercule Poirot stories to choose from for future movies.
  • The adaptability of Christie’s Poirot novels allows for an unpredictable series, with multiple mysteries that can be told in any order.
  • The success of A Haunting in Venice and Kenneth Branagh’s interest in making more Poirot movies could lead to future films, though there is a finite limit due to time constraints.

Agatha Christie’s great-grandson, James Prichard, has opened up about how many more Hercule Poirot movies there might be following A Haunting in Venice. The new Poirot film sees Kenneth Branagh return as the classic detective for a third time, following his portrayal in Murder on the Orient Express and Death on the Nile. Christie penned many Poirot books, with Branaugh’s films barely scratching the surface of his mystery adventures.

Speaking with Inverse, Prichard opened up about how many more Poirot movies there could be after A Haunting in Venice. He confirmed the movies are produced one at a time, but points out there are 33 total Poirot stories in total that could be adapted. Check out Prichard’s full statement below:

I would love to make more of these movies. I enjoy the process. I think a Hollywood movie brings you to an audience that you can’t get any other way. There’s a scale to them and a beauty to them, which is second to none.

So if this movie is successful and Ken wants to make more and 20th Century wants to make more, I would be very surprised if we didn’t. There are plenty more stories. My great-grandmother wrote 33 full-length Poirot novels. There’s plenty of material to choose from.

We go one movie at a time. Let’s hope this one is a success and then someone wants to make another one. And if that one’s a success, maybe we’ll make another one after that. But there will be a limit at some point. Ken has other things he wants to do. There is a finite amount of time in the world.

What Could The Next Hercule Poirot Mystery Be?

Kenneth Branagh Hercule Poirot movies

The vastness of Christie’s Poirot mystery stories means any of them could make for an enticing follow-up to the scary A Haunting in Venice. What makes the Poirot novels so adaptable is that many of their stories can be told in any order. This makes it impossible to predict what the next mystery will be, keeping even the most ardent readers of Christie’s work on their toes.

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Some classic Poirot mysteries that could be investigated by Branagh’s version of the character include The Mysterious Affair at Styles, Peril at End House, and Five Little Pigs. Each story comes with a new murder mystery in a different setting, always keeping the film series unpredictable. Branaugh’s Poirot mysteries could be an enthralling series that evolves over time.

It’s also possible any new Poirot movies will have names that make the movie less predictable. The newest movie is based on Christie’s Hallowe’en Party, but features a name change alongside a few alterations to the story. Even with plenty of mysteries to adapt, whatever follows A Haunting in Venice may be just as mystifying as the cases Poirot encounters.

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