Harrison Ford Confronts Creepy Crawlies in Latest TV Spot for ‘Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny


It has been an extraordinary summer movie season thus far, and it’s about to become even more exciting with the highly anticipated release of “Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.” This fifth and final installment in the Indiana Jones series, starring Harrison Ford, is set to hit theaters in the coming week.

The film’s marketing has rightfully focused on the historic finale to this classic action-adventure franchise, generating a great deal of anticipation among fans worldwide. With just a few days remaining until moviegoers can witness the adventure unfold, a new TV spot for “Dial of Destiny” has been released, featuring Ford and his co-star Phoebe Waller-Bridge confronting a familiar Indiana Jones trope.

While the 30-second teaser primarily showcases previously seen footage of Indy and his goddaughter Helena (played by Waller-Bridge) as they explore a tomb in search of clues to the whereabouts of the legendary Dial of Destiny, there are a few new shots of Ford’s seasoned adventurer, accompanied by additional snippets of dialogue. However, the most captivating scene in the latest teaser is the new addition. In this scene, Indy and Helena are seen attempting to squeeze through a narrow gap in a wall, only to be showered with an onslaught of bugs. Helena, channeling her inner Willie Scott from “Temple of Doom,” is visibly dismayed by this turn of events.

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While snakes have been the primary animal feature in the Indiana Jones franchise, fans of the series know that each film includes at least one gross-out scene involving other terrifying creatures. In “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” it was the aforementioned snakes; in “Temple of Doom,” it was bugs; in “Last Crusade,” it was rats; and in “Kingdom of the Crystal Skull,” it was ants. This particular scene in “Dial of Destiny” appears to be a callback to the creepy crawlies of “Temple of Doom.” The darker second film featured Indy trapped in a deadly booby trap, and it seems that both Indy and Helena will find themselves in a similar predicament in the upcoming adventure. “Dial of Destiny” promises to be a thrilling homage to the entire franchise, keeping alive Indy’s more grotesque traditions, even if it might make your skin crawl.

What’s “Dial of Destiny” about?

Harrison Ford Confronts Creepy Crawlies in Latest TV Spot for 'Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny

“Dial of Destiny” takes place in 1969, where a 70-year-old Indiana Jones is on the verge of retirement. However, when his goddaughter Helena reenters his life in pursuit of the Dial of Destiny, Indy embarks on one final adventure to prevent a former Nazi, turned NASA scientist named Voller (played by Mads Mikkelsen), from obtaining the Dial before they do. If Voller acquires the dial, he plans to reverse Hitler’s greatest “mistake.” This new villainous character is also someone from Indy’s past, and audiences will witness flashbacks to the famous adventurer in his prime, featuring a de-aged Ford.

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When does “Dial of Destiny” release?

“Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny” will swing into theaters this Friday, June 30. While we eagerly await Ford’s final Indiana Jones adventure on the big screen, you can watch the bug-filled TV spot below.

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