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  • April 14, 2023 / 05:28 PM IST

The KGF film series redefined bravery in Indian cinema. Yash’s stardom has increased as a result of the film, while Prashanth Neel has become one of India’s top directors. Since KGF 2 ignited the screens, it’s been a year. Makers teased fans about KGF 3 on this first anniversary.

A brief trailer for KGF 2 and the crowd celebrations, titled “Revisiting Rocky Empire,” was published. The dialogue from all versions was deftly incorporated into this two-minute film.

The glance poses the following query to KGF followers: “Where was Rocky from 1978 to 1981?”

Also written there is the statement “Mother of all collisions is yet to be witnessed.” The question “Was the promise kept” is also posed in the glimpse in reference to Rocky Bhai’s pledge to his mother to rule the world. The release of part 3 is the final note on all previous box office records in Indian cinema.

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