Emily Blunt Sets Key Condition for A Quiet Place 3 Collaboration with Cillian Murphy


In a recent revelation that has sparked excitement among horror movie enthusiasts, Emily Blunt, acclaimed star of “A Quiet Place” and its sequel, has outlined a pivotal requirement for her involvement in a potential third installment of the nail-biting franchise. Blunt, who portrayed the resilient Evelyn Abbott in the 2018 post-apocalyptic horror film directed by her husband and co-star John Krasinski, has expressed her firm stance that her return to the series would hinge on the participation of both Krasinski and fellow co-star Cillian Murphy.

Blunt’s resolute condition emerged during a candid discussion on the Happy Sad Confused podcast. Although the conversation predates the SAG-AFTRA strike, Blunt’s insights have sent ripples through the entertainment industry. The actress illuminated that a recent conversation among herself, Cillian Murphy, and John Krasinski had centered on the prospect of a third “A Quiet Place” installment. While Blunt has demonstrated a keen interest in the continuation of the franchise, her eagerness is tethered to the collective involvement of the trio. Notably, she stressed that Krasinski’s directorial presence is indispensable to her vision for the potential movie, stating, “I don’t want it to be with a different director.”

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Emily Blunt Sets Key Condition for A Quiet Place 3 Collaboration with Cillian Murphy

The initial two films, “A Quiet Place” and its sequel “A Quiet Place Part II,” both directed by Krasinski, garnered substantial acclaim and box office success. The first installment amassed a global box office of $340.9 million, while the sequel overcame the challenges of a pandemic-depressed box office to achieve $297.3 million in earnings. Given this impressive track record, it stands to reason that the studio would be amenable to Krasinski’s continued directorial role for a third film.

Despite the promising prospects, a significant hurdle looms on the horizon: the intricate schedules of the trio. Cillian Murphy, fresh from his involvement in the Oppenheimer cast, is poised to remain in high demand, particularly if his performance in the biographical blockbuster earns him an esteemed Oscar nomination. Blunt and Krasinski, both prominent figures in the Hollywood landscape, are already engaged in collaborative efforts, exemplified by their joint work on Krasinski’s upcoming directorial venture, “Imaginary Friends,” slated for release in 2024.

As the careers of these three luminaries ascend to greater heights, the timely realization of “A Quiet Place 3” could conceivably encounter delays. However, fans need not fret, for the franchise’s expansion is assured with the impending release of “A Quiet Place: Day One,” a prequel scheduled to debut on March 8, 2024. This strategic release date may provide the essential window for Blunt, Murphy, and Krasinski to synchronize their commitments and materialize the highly anticipated third installment.

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In the tumultuous landscape of Hollywood, where schedules often clash and commitments abound, the triumvirate’s dedication to a shared vision hints at a promising outcome. Devotees of the “A Quiet Place” series eagerly await the harmonious alignment of stars that could usher in another spine-tingling chapter to the saga.


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