Ellie Kemper Finds Joy in the Wilderness in First ‘Happiness for Beginners’ Images


It’s time to start prepping for a trip out to the wilderness with Ellie Kemper as Netflix released the first images for Happiness for Beginners. The film features Kemper as the newly-divorced Helen who decides to live a little closer to the edge by taking a hardcore wilderness survival course with a group of quirky strangers including Luke Grimes. Along her journey, which is advertised to her as the “Adventure of a Lifetime,” she hopes to learn how to live and love again after everything fell apart.

Judging by the images, that mission seems to be going well as Kemper fits right in with her fellow survivalists. One image acts as a group photo before they begin their trip proper, showing off the cast which also includes Nico Santos, Blythe Danner, Benjamin Cook, Shayvawn Webster, Esteban Benito, and Julia Shiplett. The colorfully-dressed survival gang does their best together in the wilderness, but it’s clear from other still that they’re still not entirely sure what to do once they’re in the thick of it all. Still, Kemper’s Helen is dedicated to proving she’s the best hiker of the bunch as they make their way along the Appalachian Trail.


Since Happiness for Beginners is a rom-com, several of the images center on Kemper’s potential love interest for the film Grimes. In Katherine Center‘s book which the film is based on, Helen finds an unexpected romance with Jake, her brother’s annoying best friend who’s definitely searching for something different from her. Over the course of their survival experience, they change as people and find a kinship in one another, something that’s on full display with Grimes and Kemper as they trek through the woods and take in their surroundings together. One final image for the film stands out from the rest, however, as it seems to show Helen as she prepares to get married. Disaster awaits her in that partnership as it’ll eventually set her on a journey into the woods and into the arms of the Yellowstone star.

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When Will Happiness for Beginners Arrive on Netflix?

Center once again teamed with writer/director Vicky Wight to get her work onto screens everywhere. Previously, the two collaborated on a film adaptation of Center’s novel The Lost Husband starring Josh Duhamel and Leslie Bibb back in 2020. The acclaimed novelist also executive produces the film with Jeff Sackman and Larry Greenberg while Wight produces with Geoff Linville and Berry Meyerowitz.

Happiness for Beginners heads out to theaters on July 27. Check out the first images from the film below:

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