Dune 2’s Major Difference From Other Versions Involves The Impact Of Bene Gesserit




  • Villeneuve’s Dune 2 will focus more on the Bene Gesserit, specifically introducing a new character called Lady Fenring, played by Léa Seydoux.
  • The mysterious Bene Gesserit sisterhood plays a crucial role in the Dune universe and are referred to as the puppet masters of the universe.
  • A new Dune TV series called Dune: The Sisterhood will delve deeper into the history of the Bene Gesserit and is set to be released alongside Villeneuve’s Dune 2.


Denis Villeneuve explains one major difference between Dune 2 and previous versions of the story: the impact of the Bene Gesserit. Frank Herbert wrote the original Dune novel, and David Lynch famously took the first stab at adapting the sprawling story, with mixed results. Later, Herbert’s book was made into a TV miniseries, and then in 2021, Villeneuve released the first half of his own two-part Dune adaptation, the second half of which is set for release in 2024 after being pushed back from 2023.

When the second installment of Villeneuve’s highly-anticipated sci-fi epic finally arrives, fans of previous takes on the source material will be in for a big surprise when it comes to one element of the story. Speaking recently to Empire, Dune: Part Two’s director explained how his movie will place more emphasis than ever before on the mysterious Bene Gesserit sisterhood, and particularly a newly-introduced character named Lady Fenring, played by Léa Seydoux. Check out what Villeneuve said in the space below:

“I don’t want to talk too much about Lady Fenring. She’s part of the spider web of the Bene Gesserit, but I want to keep the mystery around her. … My version of Dune is different because the thing that really seduced me about the book was the Bene Gesserit. My adaptation is more oriented toward their impact – they are the puppet masters of the universe!”

The Bene Gesserit Will Take Center Stage In A New Dune TV Show

Members of the Bene Gesserit in Dune

In Dune lore, the mysterious Bene Gesserit sisterhood is responsible for an ongoing program of genetic manipulation that they believe will bring about a messianic figure known as the Kwisatz Haderach. Dune: Part One introduced two major characters who are members of the sisterhood: Paul Atreides’ mother Lady Jessica (Rebecca Ferguson) and Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam (Charlotte Rampling). Seydoux’s Lady Fenring, a character who plays only a small part in the original novel and does not appear at all in Lynch’s 1984 adaptation, surprisingly will get a showcase in Villeneuve’s movie, and indeed has already been glimpsed in trailers.

It’s likely not a coincidence that even as Villeneuve is placing the spotlight on the Bene Gesserit in his Dune 2, Max is planning a TV series that goes deeper into the history of the mysterious sect. Called Dune: The Sisterhood, the new series avoided being delayed due to the current strikes affecting Hollywood, and is set to be released at an undisclosed date. The arrival of Seydoux’s mysterious Lady Fenring, described by the actor herself as a “secret agent” in a Vanity Fair piece from April 2023, may help stoke even more interest in The Sisterhood and its lore-expanding storytelling.

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