“Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Complex Relationship with Mother”


In a recent  Drew Barrymore opened up about her complex relationship with her mother, Jaid Barrymore. Despite having won emancipation from her parents at the age of 14, Drew expressed that she will always care about her mother, emphasizing that she does not wish for her mother’s absence, even though she sees her neighbors dealing with the loss of their own mothers.

The actress and talk show host shared her desire for her mother’s happiness, well-being, and growth, while acknowledging the need to grow independently despite her mother’s presence in her life.

During the interview, Drew Barrymore refuted the notion that she harbors negative feelings towards her mother, stating that she cares deeply and has never known how to completely shut off her emotions or build walls around herself. She acknowledged the challenge of guarding her heart while still caring for her mother.

In a text sent to the reporter after the interview, Drew revealed that she had recently exchanged messages with her mother, expressing her love and pride for her daughter. Drew emphasized the impact her mother’s words had on her, underscoring the significance of a mother’s love regardless of age or life circumstances.

"Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Complex Relationship with Mother"

Drew Barrymore also shared her efforts to improve her relationship with Jaid, mentioning that she frequently texts her mother and wrote a Mother’s Day blog post in May as part of her ongoing work towards reconciliation.

Reflecting on her personal growth, Drew mentioned her journey of forgiveness towards both her parents, including her late father who passed away in 2004. Although she admits to struggling with self-forgiveness, she expressed her readiness to embark on that path.

Throughout her talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, Drew has made references to her mother, particularly during discussions with Brooke Shields about their experiences managing their daughters’ careers as child actors.

During one episode, Drew shared stories of her mother’s inappropriate behavior, such as dating her boyfriends. Despite these challenges, she reaffirmed her commitment to supporting her mother, acknowledging the need for occasional breaks to maintain her own well-being.

"Drew Barrymore Opens Up About Complex Relationship with Mother"

Drew Barrymore concluded her thoughts by emphasizing the establishment of boundaries and taking breaks in her relationship with her mother. As she has grown older, she has experienced less guilt, toxic shame, and discomfort associated with their relationship. She pondered when the inner child, longing for an idealized family dynamic, would finally find acceptance and peace as she approached her 48th birthday.

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In summary, Drew Barrymore offered a nuanced and candid account of her relationship with her mother, Jaid Barrymore. Despite the complexities and challenges they have faced, Drew expressed her unwavering care for her mother and her ongoing efforts to foster a healthier bond. She acknowledged the importance of personal growth and forgiveness while recognizing the need for boundaries and occasional breaks to preserve her own well-being.

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