Disney’s Strange World Fails, $200M Loss.


Disney has suffered a major financial loss in 2022 with its animated film, Strange World. The movie, which follows a family of explorers, was an attempt to mimic popular pulp science fiction books, but it ended disastrously, leaving Disney with little to show from years of effort. According to a report by Deadline, Disney lost $197.4 million on the project, earning a mere $73.6 million against its $317.4 million budget.

Disney's Strange World Fails, $200M Loss.

This loss makes Strange World one of Disney’s biggest failures to date, and it was not the only movie to suffer in 2022. Another Disney project, Amsterdam, lost $108.4 million after earning only $63 million, and Lightyear also proved to have a $106 million loss at the box office.

One reason for Strange World’s failure could be attributed to Disney’s lackluster marketing efforts. Instead of focusing on promoting the original concept of Strange World, much of Disney’s attention went to promoting their proven intellectual property in Lightyear, leaving Strange World in direct competition with the highly anticipated Black Panther: Wakanda Forever. Releasing only two weeks after the Marvel Cinematic Universe blockbuster, Strange World was inevitably going to struggle.

The pandemic has also changed the game, with potential viewers waiting for streaming releases, which could explain the disappointments that Strange World and Lightyear have become. Regardless, Disney cannot rely on its reputation and animation to draw audiences into the theaters anymore.

If Disney wants to avoid suffering another Strange World, it will need to adjust its strategy going forward. This loss is a wakeup call for the company, which must balance promoting its existing IP with the development of original concepts. Additionally, Disney must consider the changing landscape of the entertainment industry, where streaming is becoming increasingly important.

Overall, Disney’s financial loss from Strange World highlights the challenges that even the biggest entertainment companies face in creating successful movies. It is a reminder that even with extensive resources and established brands, there is no guarantee of success in the ever-changing world of entertainment.

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