Diablo IV: A Polished Adventure, but a Familiar Path


With the long-awaited release of Diablo IV, fans of the series eagerly anticipated a new chapter in the beloved action-RPG franchise. Diablo IV marks the fourth mainline installment in the series, following the releases of Diablo III in 2012 and Diablo II in 2000.

Known for its addictive power creep, rewarding loot, and satisfying gameplay, Diablo has captivated players for over two decades. The question remains: Does Diablo IV live up to the high standards set by its predecessors? The answer is a mixed one.

Diablo IV: A Polished Adventure, but a Familiar Path

Expanding the World

Diablo IV takes the series formula and applies it to a massive open world, a remarkable achievement in itself. Previous Diablo games featured individual zones, marking each act in the story. In contrast, Diablo IV introduces a vast, interconnected world that is no longer randomized. Players must now memorize landmarks and locales, creating a genuine connection to the world they are saving from the forces of hell. Although the world’s non-randomized nature initially raised concerns about the loss of discovery, the constantly engaging maps and dungeons dispel any doubts.

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Diablo IV: A Polished Adventure, but a Familiar Path

Polished Gameplay

Gameplay in Diablo IV is polished to perfection, incorporating lessons learned from previous entries. The fast-paced nature of Diablo III gives way to a more deliberate and thoughtful pace reminiscent of Diablo II. The inclusion of a single dodge ability, upgradable later in the game, allows for more strategic combat options. However, early on, the limited dodge capability may lead players to underutilize it, diminishing its impact. The new health potion system, on the other hand, strikes a good balance between the potion abuse of Diablo II and the cooldown-based system in Diablo III.

Diablo IV: A Polished Adventure, but a Familiar Path

Character Development and Services

Diablo IV introduces a new character creator, providing players with the opportunity to craft their hero. Skill points play a vital role in shaping the character’s abilities, and Diablo IV’s expanded skill tree system enhances the sense of customization. This, coupled with the available services such as blacksmiths, shopkeepers, and gem mystics in hub areas, ensures both series veterans and newcomers have access to an array of features from the start.

Diablo IV: A Polished Adventure, but a Familiar Path

A Deeper Emphasis on Story

Diablo IV places a greater emphasis on storytelling, featuring more cutscenes and lore compared to previous entries. While this is a welcome addition for players seeking immersion, those primarily focused on loot and grinding may find themselves frequently skipping cutscenes. The game strikes a balance, offering a well-crafted story for those interested while catering to the core Diablo experience.

The Lack of Innovation

Perhaps the most significant setback for Diablo IV is the lack of innovation. Although the game is meticulously polished and features improved gameplay mechanics, it fails to deliver a groundbreaking leap forward. Unlike previous Diablo releases that redefined the genre, Diablo IV feels more like a continuation and refinement of existing ideas. While the open-world setting adds an element of exploration, it falls short of revolutionizing the franchise.

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Online Connectivity and Performance

Diablo IV requires a constant online connection on consoles, a departure from previous installments. However, my experience with the online connectivity was stable and satisfactory. Players may want to exercise caution and evaluate the game’s performance upon release. Notably, the PS5 version delivers a smooth 60 frames per second, enhancing the overall experience. Diablo IV’s art style and visuals, reminiscent of the iconic imagery from Diablo II, create a dark and visually stunning world.

Diablo IV provides an exhilarating experience that amalgamates the best ideas and gameplay systems from its predecessors. Its open world, satanic art style, and refined mechanics contribute to a highly enjoyable action RPG. As a long-time fan of the series, I am excited to delve into Diablo IV for years to come,

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