Denzel Washington Threatens Italian Mobster With Intensifying Pain In The Equalizer 3 Clip



  • A new clip from The Equalizer 3 shows Denzel Washington back as Robert McCall, applying pressure to a mobster’s nerve to get him to cease his criminal activities.
  • The upcoming movie will serve as Washington’s final time playing the character, with a story that begins with him trying to retire in peace in Italy.
  • The clip suggests that McCall will be very much the same violent former hitman that audiences expect, but with a different change in atmosphere.

A new clip from The Equalizer 3 shows Denzel Washington crippling an Italian mobster with intense levels of pain. Director Antoine Fuqua’s upcoming sequel is the third and seemingly final film in the new Equalizer franchise, which started back in 2014. The new entry sees Washington’s Robert McCall living peacefully in Italy when he’s forced to go back to his violent ways to protect people he cares about from a local criminal organization.

Ahead of The Equalizer 3‘s release date next month, Rotten Tomatoes has released a new clip from the film, showing Washington trying to solve his problems with peace before resorting to pain. Check out the clip below:

When McCall’s pleas for the criminals to take their criminal activities elsewhere fails, he applies pressure to the leader’s median nerve, which finally gets his message across. Clearly, however, McCall attempts will fail, with the former hitman once again forced to go head-to-head with a criminal enterprise.

How The Equalizer 3 Is Different From The Past Movies

Denzel Washington as Robert McCall in The Equalizer 3.

The above clip alone already speaks to the fact that The Equalizer 3 will be very different from past installments in addition to sharing much in common with them. The first two movies take place in and around Boston, but the new film’s Italian location will mean a very different backdrop for the action. Visually, then, the upcoming trilogy-capper is set to be quite a departure.

In keeping with previous movies, the new clip and recent The Equalizer 3 trailers make clear that McCall will be facing off against a new set of enemies this time around. Another major difference is that instead of attempting to work an ordinary job, as he did in the past two movies, McCall is trying to finally retire. The clip makes clear that he has finally found a modicum of peace and a place to spend the rest of his days, and he’s desperate to preserve that.

Despite the major differences, however, the clip is proof that McCall is still very much the capable former hitman that he’s been in previous movies. McCall has always been calculating and very precise in the previous movies, and it’s clear that these qualities remain with him. It remains to be seen how The Equalizer 3 will wrap up McCall’s story, but the new clip suggests that audiences are in for quite an intense final adventure.

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