“Bird Box Barcelona: First Look at Netflix’s Spanish-Language Spinoff”


In 2018, the world was introduced to the intense post-apocalyptic setting of Bird Box , starring Sandra Bullock

.The film quickly became one of Netflix’s biggest original features, with 89 million households tuning in during the first four weeks of its release. Recognizing the franchise’s potential, Netflix announced in March 2021 that it would be expanding the Bird Box universe by producing a Spanish-language spinoff.

The first teaser for Bird Box Barcelona , set to debut on Netflix on July 14, 2023, showcases the panic that spreads through the streets of Barcelona as the horrific effects of the unseen force from the original film make their way to Europe.

The trailer also features four travelers blindly navigating the city streets while wearing tightly wrapped blindfolds, reminiscent of the original film.

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"Bird Box Barcelona: First Look at Netflix's Spanish-Language Spinoff"

Bird Box Barcelona follows Sebastian (played by Mario Casas), a man trying to understand the destruction and make it out of the city alive. Along the way, he will meet other travelers and must blindly trust them to survive.

The film is directed by brothers Álex Pastor and David Pastor, who have previously worked on other sci-fi end-of-days films and have collaborated with Netflix in the past.

Producers include Dylan Clark, Núria Valls, Adrián Guerra, Chris Morgan, Ryan Lewis, and Josh Malerman, with Brian Williams and Ainsley Davies serving as executive producers.

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