“Bill Hader’s Hitchcock-Inspired Comedy: Silly Titles and Funny Posters”


Alfred Hitchcock movie posters have received humorous redesigns following a lighthearted exchange between Bill Hader and Conan O’Brien, where they playfully riffed on silly titles for Hitchcock’s films. Known as the master of suspense in cinema, Hitchcock directed a series of highly acclaimed movies from the 1920s through the multiple eras of Hollywood until the 1970s. Throughout his career, he created several enduring masterpieces, including “Vertigo,” “Psycho,” “Rear Window,” and “The Birds.”

While Hitchcock’s filmography boasts a collection of classics, Hader and O’Brien believed that the director’s movies lacked sufficiently silly titles. During a recent episode of the podcast “Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend,” they humorously renamed some of Hitchcock’s best works. Thanks to artist Ted Haines, Hader and O’Brien’s renamed Hitchcock movies now have appropriate posters, as shared via Team Coco.

In these new artworks, “Vertigo” is renamed “Dizzy Movie,” “The Birds” becomes “Birdie Movie,” “Psycho” is reimagined as “Pshower Movie,” and “Rear Window” is transformed into “Peek A Boo Movie.”

"Bill Hader's Hitchcock-Inspired Comedy: Silly Titles and Funny Posters"

Hader gained recognition for his comedic talent through his work on SNL (Saturday Night Live). However, he has evolved beyond being just a funny man, as demonstrated by his involvement both in front of and behind the camera on HBO’s “Barry,” which recently concluded with its fourth season. Now that Hader has proven his skills as a director with “Barry,” he expressed his desire to make a movie in an interview with THR. He even mentioned having a project in mind:

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“I would do a feature, for sure. [Barry co-writer] Duffy Boudreau and I have written something, but there are also two other ideas that I’m considering. I’m looking forward to taking a little vacation and then immersing myself in sponge mode—reading, watching some stuff. I haven’t had the mental space to do it. We filmed seasons three and four back-to-back, so it’s been quite intense.”

Given the comedic tone and dark subject matter of “Barry,” Hader’s show isn’t too far removed from Hitchcock’s world, as the legendary director often blended macabre humor into his pulse-pounding tales of suspense. While Hader’s movie project may differ greatly from “Barry” or Hitchcock’s style, considering his accomplishments on his HBO show, it wouldn’t be surprising to see Hader gravitate towards dark comedy in his film work, possibly even embracing a Hitchcockian approach.

If Hader does pursue a suspenseful film with darkly comedic elements in the Hitchcock vein, it’s unlikely he will give it a funny name inspired by his brainstorming session with O’Brien. Nonetheless, the Hitchcock route could prove advantageous for Hader, allowing him to leverage his success with “Barry” and embark on a new career as a film director.

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