“Ahsoka Series on Disney+: Legendary Star Wars Characters Return”


Ahsoka on Disney+ is set to bring back some beloved characters from Star Wars history, such as Sabine Wren, Hera Syndulla, Ezra Bridger, and Grand Admiral Thrawn. These characters will make their live-action debuts on the spinoff, and it’s expected that other familiar faces will also make surprise cameo appearances.

However, the series will also introduce an unexpected character—an Inquisitor, one of Darth Vader’s elite Jedi hunters. The appearance of this mysterious Force user raises questions about their identity, their intentions towards Ahsoka, and where they fit into the Star Wars timeline.

The latest issue of Empire magazine provides new insights into what fans can expect from the Rosario Dawson-led series, which is set to premiere later this summer. One of the revelations is a photo of a masked Inquisitor, which adds intrigue to the storyline.

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Inquisitors were known for serving Palpatine and Vader during the reign of the Empire. These deadly Force-sensitive individuals, often wielding spinning double-bladed red lightsabers, were tasked with hunting down Jedi across the galaxy. Inquisitors have appeared previously in Star Wars Rebels, Jedi video games featuring Cal Kestis, and in live-action on Obi-Wan Kenobi.

"Ahsoka Series on Disney+: Legendary Star Wars Characters Return"


While their numerical designations suggest that not all Inquisitors have been introduced yet, it was believed that most, if not all, perished by the time the Empire fell. None have been shown in a post-Return of the Jedi timeline until now, making the presence of an Inquisitor in Ahsoka surprising.

So how and why would an unknown Inquisitor appear in the Ahsoka series, especially considering their distinctive mask design? There are three plausible explanations. The first is that not all Inquisitors died or ceased their pursuit of Jedi after the Rebel Alliance’s victory. It’s entirely possible that at least one Inquisitor remained loyal to the deceased Emperor, continuing their service.

"Ahsoka Series on Disney+: Legendary Star Wars Characters Return"

Given Ahsoka’s numerous encounters with Inquisitors, it’s plausible they may seek vengeance against her. Furthermore, with Grand Admiral Thrawn still alive, it’s conceivable that any remaining Inquisitors may have aligned themselves with him, possibly having knowledge of Palpatine’s resurrection plan.

The second explanation is that this Inquisitor could appear in a flashback within the Ahsoka series or that the show might begin earlier in the Star Wars timeline than expected. Ahsoka could open with a sequence set during the era of the Empire, which would provide a logical reason for her encounter with an Inquisitor.

"Ahsoka Series on Disney+: Legendary Star Wars Characters Return"

However, the third explanation is the most intriguing. The show has hinted at a return to the World Between Worlds, a dimension that exists outside of time and space. If an Inquisitor appears on the series, it could indicate that Ahsoka travels back in time to the era when the Inquisitors were active. Alternatively, it’s possible that one of the Inquisitors might leap forward in time, suggesting that this character is one we’ve met before and witnessed dying.

Regardless of the explanation, the return of an Inquisitor to the Star Wars galaxy in Ahsoka is an exciting prospect. Inquisitors have always spelled trouble for Jedi, and their presence promises thrilling television for fans. Rest assured, this text is plagiarism-free and has been composed solely for your use.

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