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  • April 13, 2023 / 07:39 PM IST

Was Lord Hanuman a basis for Mahesh Babu’s role in SS Rajamouli’s jungle adventure?

1:- Lord Hanuman is the inspiration behind Mahesh Babu’s character in the movie?

It appears that he will play a man looking for a cure for a deadly illness in the film. Then Mahesh Babu will depart to search for the same in the African forests. The producers may also travel to some unspoiled areas of Europe. Lord Hanuman served as the model for the character. As we all know, Lord Lakshman was injured by Meghnad in the Ramayan, and Bajrangbali carried the Mahodaya mountain to Sri Lanka where they discovered the herb required to heal him. This served as the basis for the story, with SS Rajamouli’s twist.

2:- Rajamouli and Mahesh Babu’s movie will soon begin shooting

There appears to be a lot of VFX work needed for the movie. That stage of the procedure is already underway. Actual filming will begin at the end of 2023. The actor is preparing physically for the picture.

3:- Jenna Ortega will also pair up with Mahesh Babu in the movie

Disney may join the initiative, according to rumors. Mahesh Babu and Jenna Ortega’s coupling is the most intriguing. India is familiar with the actress from Wednesday, Scream, The Fall Out, and other films.

4:- Harrison Ford’s Indiana Jones movies have also inspired the film?

The Indiana Jones films starring Harrison Ford are the ideal mashup of humor, excitement, and adventure. The persona is also well-known. Mahesh Babu possesses the charisma, style, and flair to pull this off.

5:- The Budget of the Movie

A $500 billion budget will be used to make the movie. KL Narayana, a seasoned Telugu producer, is funding the picture. Hollywood studios have expressed interest in SS Rajamouli’s RRR because of its success.

6:- There is a hint of its Trilogy

SSMB29 might be a trilogy, like Brahmastra. In an interview, author K Vijayendra Prasad made this admission. For all fans, this is just too exciting.

7 :- Deepika Padukone to also join the team ?

According to rumors, SS Rajamouli wants to pair Mahesh Babu and Deepika Padukone in the film. After Pathaan’s success, he is eager to collaborate with her. Additionally, Deepika has a foreign atmosphere.

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