“10 Terrifying Horror Films Depicting Haunted House Attractions”


When you see a horror movie with a haunted house plot, your mind most likely takes you to something like The Conjuring or The Haunting of Hill House. Or maybe a milder movie like the animated Monster House. However, this article showcases haunted house attractions. That special time in the Fall when the leaves get crunchy and lines form outside cricket buildings that are transformed into Halloween attractions

With movies like these, you can bet there’s going to be a lot of blood, jump scares, and other horror tropes that we all know and love. Let’s take a look at ten movies that take place at haunted house attractions.


10 The Funhouse Massacre (2015)

Funhouse Massacre Trailer Turns Halloween Into a Blood Bath (1)

Petri Entertainment

The Funhouse Massacre is a perfect example of this subgenre of horror knowing exactly what it is and playing into the cheesiness of it all. It’s Halloween night, of course, and a journalist decides to go to an asylum with the world’s most dangerous killers. Of course, there’s a twist at the very beginning, and the killers escape and head to the Land of Illusions Haunted Scream Park, where bloody chaos ensues.

An unlikely group forms: a dumb deputy and a group of college kids that don’t all make it because would it be a horror movie if they all survived?


9 No Escape Room (2018)



If you’ve ever done an escape room, you know it’s all fun and games, but there are a few tense moments where you fear you won’t be able to get out. In No Escape Room, a group of strangers decides to partake in an escape room, having to go through multiple rooms instead of just one. As expected, sinister things start to happen with a touch of supernatural elements, making this film stand out just a bit. The characters are easy to root for, and you’ll be thinking twice before planning an escape room activity.

8 Fear, Inc (2016)

fear, inc

Lone Suspect

There are people who love getting scared so much that they would pay to have a night of hell unleashed upon them. There are haunted house attractions all over the world that are known for torturing their guests, but it’s all okay since they signed a waiver. In Fear, Inc., a man who loves horror gets wrapped up in a company that gives its patrons more than they bargained for.

There are great callbacks to deaths in popular horror movies such as Scream, Final Destination, Saw, and Friday the 13th. Perhaps you’ll rethink your next visit to an extreme haunt after watching Fear, Inc.

7 American Fright Fest (2018)

american fright fest

Robert Gillings Producions

Halloween night in a small town – is it charming or creepy? The answer is both. A close-knit small town wants more recognition and tourism, so the mayor decides to host a fright fest. It seems like a good idea at first, until a group of inmates escape and decide they want to give paying guests a night they’ll never forget. There’s that great moment of panic in which you watch as the characters realize this is actually not part of the show and people are actually dying in front of them.

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6 Dark Ride (2006)

dark ride

Blue Omega Entertainment

There’s something so great and slightly repetitive about these movies constantly showing a group of friends, often college pals, stumbling upon a haunted house attraction and then having the worst night of their lives. In Dark Ride, this is exactly what happens as a group of college students heads to an attraction that has been shut down for several years.

Why not go check it out? They’re not aware that a serial killer has just escaped a nearby institution and returned to Dark Ride to torture these young people and reunite with someone who’ll leave you shocked.

5 Ruin Me (2017)

Ruin Me 2017

Terror Weekend Productions

You would think an event called Slasher Sleepout would trigger some red flags, but of course our main characters are more than willing to sleep in the middle of the woods for fun. Slasher Sleepout in Ruin Me is a camping trip, scavenger hunt, and haunted house all rolled into one. Of course, things start to get downright crazy as they begin to be hunted after signing waivers. If this event sounds like a good time to you, watch this Shudder film and be prepared to feel entirely creeped out.

4 Hell Fest (2018)


CBS Films

Hell Fest is one of the best modern films about a huge festival going incredibly wrong because one person decides to take it too seriously. Hell Fest is widely talked about, and a group of friends is determined to go and have memorable scares, not suspecting they were going to become targeted by a masked individual.

The turning point in movies like this, where one person sees something that no one else does, is sometimes hard to nail, but in Hell Fest, it’s utterly fantastic as our main character has that moment of realization. You’ll be on the edge of your seat the entire time, and you’ll feel a sense of dread by the time the credits roll.

3 Haunt (2019)


Broken Road Productions

Haunt is the perfect movie to pop in when you want to be scared but don’t want to actually go somewhere to achieve that. A group of college friends is lured into a secluded attraction on Halloween night after wanting the scare of all scares. Once there, they hand their phones over and kiss their regular lives goodbye as they enter this creepy establishment.

The scares are perfectly timed and specific to each person, and Haunt has so many jump scares that you’ll be pressing pause for a much-needed breather.

2 The Houses October Built (2014)

the house october built

Room 101

Sometimes there are horror movies that aren’t based on a true story, but you figure that something of this caliber could actually take place. In The House October Built, a group of friends decides that they want to document the scariest haunted house attraction they can find and also interview the scare actors.

The friends prove to be quite rude as they become obnoxious while filming, and they’re unaware that they’re being followed by two masked individuals from an earlier attraction. It’s a very twisted form of revenge as the group gets cornered by several haunt actors and gets taken out one by one.

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1 Hell House LLC (2015)

Hell House LLC (2015)

Joe Bandelli/Matt DePaola

If there’s one film that you watch from this list, let it be Hell House LLC. It’s a fantastic found-footage film that is criminally underrated. Hell House LLC is about a close group of friends using an abandoned haunted hotel for their haunted house attraction. You’ll be pleased to know that they shot this movie at an actual haunted attraction dubbed the Haunting at the Waldorf Hotel in Lehighton, Pennsylvania.

Something really great about this movie is how real and raw it seems. Especially in a scene in which Paul is testing out the attraction days before it opens, he gets so scared he runs out and throws up. Gore Abrams, who plays Paul, actually threw up in real life; his getting sick wasn’t in the script, but they kept it in the film to make it that much more realistic.

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